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Structure and Magnetic Properties Studies of Spinel Thin Films Fabricate by Spin Spray Plating Method

Author WangXueWen
Tutor LiFaShen
School Lanzhou University
Course Condensed Matter Physics
Keywords Spraying method Cobalt ferrite Ferrite thin films Spraying devices Magnetic studies Films Spinel structure Preparation process Design their own Film transformer
CLC O484.43
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The miniaturization and integration of electron element need many magnetic thin films. Theresearch of them, like film magnetic recording medium, film magnetic disk, film head-disk, film transformer and film inductance appliance etc. attract a lot of interest. In the normal preparation technology of ferrite thin films, the preparation temperature should be carried on the high temperature, which requires the substrate with good heat resistance and results of many difficulty in the deposited on the substrate materials with bad heat resistance, like polyeth-lanetelephthalte(PET), Polymer grain, GaAs Integrated Circuit, etc. Hence the selection of substrate material is very restricted.In this dissertation, using the Spin-spray ferrite plating apparatus designed by ourselves, we prepared Co ferrite thin films under the low temperature(<100℃), which does not need the heat treatment. Although prepared at low temperature, ferrite-plated films exhibit magnetic properties as good as those prepared at high temperature. We also analysing the whole preparation process and investigate the structure and magnetic properties of the Co ferrite thin films under the different preparation conditions.Firstly, the Spin-spray ferrite plating apparatus is designed and manufactured by ourselves. Through analysing the whole reaction process , we divide the Spin-spray ferrite plating apparatus into three important parts, including the spin part, temperature control part and spray part .Secondly, the technology and condition of preparation of Co ferrite thin film, in terms of Spin-spray ferrite plating method is studied. The preparation process of Co ferrite thin films is explored.It is found that the best temperature is about 90℃ where the crystal, single-phase spinel Co ferrite thin film is obtained. In addition, the rotate speed of spin flat affects the preparation of Co ferrite thin film and its magnetic properties. The best rotate speed for the Co ferrite thin film is about 150rpm.Thirdly, by analysing the results of mOssbauer, we find the angle between the magnetic moment of film and normal line of film is 35 degree. This suggests that the magnetic moment of film has some inclination.Finally, We have fabricated Fe304% MnZn ferrite thin films and NiZn ferrite thin films by Spin-spray ferrite plating apparatus.

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