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Cenozoic tectonic uplift and thermal evolution of the Yanqi Basin

Author ChenHong
Tutor LiuChiYang
School Northwestern University
Course Structural Geology
Keywords Yanqi Basin Kuruktag Fission track Uplift Cretaceous Thermal evolution
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Yanqi Basin Hercynian folded basement on the formation and development in a new generation of composite basin. Basin was NW to the morphology of the diamond-shaped, the west side of Hora Mountain and the eastern Kyzyl the Hill, southern kuruktag Mountain and northern saa Erming, Mountain confining, the first two were NW trending after Both were nearly EW spread. Basin West sector the fracture Tiemenguan the eastern as Yushugou - Sulphur Mountain fault (transit Shannan the margin fault East), the southern boundary of the Singletary fracture kuruktag Piedmont, the northern boundary for transit Shannan edge fracture of - Sangshuyuanzi. Four fracture a long time to control and influence the formation and evolution of the Yanqi Basin. From constructing the geometry characteristics, the present distribution of the basin was subject to the control of the South Tianshan tectonic framework and fault structure. Yanqi Basin today is a passing of movement transformation of residual basins, the face of the Jurassic and today look very different than today's much larger, the scope of the basin. Yanqi - Kuqa Basin late Yanshan movement and the transformation of the Himalayan tectonic movement, resulting in the basin unconformity with the point of view of the underlying strata. The time limit on the strong squeezing activities, Tertiary directly covering the top of the Middle Jurassic and difficult to be determined with precision; resulting in understanding different. This article is full from stratigraphic age restrictions in recent years, has been successfully used in the plateau, uplift and denudation of orogenic belt and basin - the cooling process and the time limit for the study fission track analysis. Investigate uplift - the erosion time limit and process cooling events and chronological information given rock thermal evolution. Testing and analysis of the results at the same time with the stratigraphic distribution and tectonic deformation recorded studies confirm each other. First basin surrounding outcrop samples were analyzed, and then the basin internal Bo Hunan North Depression drilling fission track samples were analyzed late Early Cretaceous, Late Cretaceous and Yanqi Basin surrounding Cretaceous tectonic movement is divided into two curtain times, its main activities during the late Cretaceous. Determine the internal structure of the basin uplift uplift - a comprehensive analysis of the cooling ages of the inner basin Bo Hunan North Depression - cooling event period of 37 ~ 62Ma (Eocene to Paleocene). Yanshan late compression uplift tectonic events, the time in different parts of the basin by compression has the edge of the basin is the first to suffer the impact of compression, uplift than the interior of the basin as early; inside South Pass Basin Bohu Depression trap, stud farm structure over the Northern Depression of early; compression effect is manifested as the process of gradually passed from the edge of the basin to the interior of the basin. Fission track thermal history analysis Bohu Depression Jurassic, Yanqi Basin in the early Early Cretaceous maximum depth of paleotemperature is the highest since the period of the basin formation, the temperature should be about 130 ℃. After the basin paleotemperature sustained reductions in Cenozoic burial once again Basin palaeogeothermal reached apatite fission track by annealing temperature. Cretaceous uplift northern paleotemperature gradient of about 3.61 ° C / 100m southern paleogeothermal gradient of approximately 3.2 to 3.3 ° C / 100m. Kuruktag Mountain by the late Yanshanian movement strong uplift. By fission track analysis will kuruktag the end of the Cretaceous tectonic uplift movement divided three acts: 35 ± 7Ma, 59 ~ 61Ma, 73 ± 20 Ma; 59 of them to

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