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Research and Design the Electronic Commerce Teaching Experiment Simulation System

Author HaoLiPing
Tutor LiWenHui
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords E-commerce teaching simulation system B / S ASP
CLC TP391.9
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the integration of the world economy, electronic commerce is increasinglyused in economic and trade enterprises. The constant development of EC promotethe enterprises demand for talent and the quality demand of e-business talent is alsorising , these requirements include :1.Holding the basic theory of EC, and the distinction between EC and traditionalbusiness and what is the essence of EC.2. Holding EC operating environment to the hardware and software, that iselectronic commerce environment on which it depends for survival, it involves thefield of communications and financial fields, the area of production, circulation, andso forth.3. Holding EC operation of the whole process, the operation of the externalconditions, how to manage EC operations.4. Holding EC practice methods, means, technical elements and difficult, it isthat EC and technical personnel should be available.These first two modules of EC have many different expressions and analysis inour country, it is the theoretical basis of EC portal, the latter two focus on thepractical aspects. People in the study of EC involve theoretical studies, but the urgentneed is to reach real things in order to deepen the study of theory and the need tounderstand the management of EC, it is difficult to find in books, and it can not bemeet while learning. Based on the above requirements, there is an urgent need todevelop a new EC teaching experimental simulated systems, it will present the mostpopular EC ideas, the most mature EC technology, the best integrated approach toEC. It will help students ultimately master the EC disciplines, learn to use atheoretical framework and methods suited to their own needs and develop their ownleading e-business systems. With the continued development of EC teaching, theschool setting up EC courses and training bases are increasingly high, the system willalso promote the development of EC teaching, leading EC teaching to enter a newera. Currently experimental simulation system advocated have their specialadvantages, but there are some inadequacies, as Nanjing Commercial Friend DigitalTechnology Limited and Nanjing University information management departmentjointly developed a EC teaching experimental simulation systems for universities andXi’an Jiaotong University Institute of EC and Xi’an bo-xing technology limitedcompany jointly developed the teaching experimental EC system, they lack theteachers management, and they do not evaluate students simulation experiments;Northern Transportation University and Digital Space Limited jointly developed ECsimulation system e-tutor and 21 Century China network school developed ECsimulation system Ec-soft NT2002, two systems is available to students mainly forbusiness simulation and other elements is few.According to the college students characteristics the system absorbed themerits of EC experimental simulated systems, and research the structure and functionof the system, introduced EC system-level simulation experimental teachingstructural framework model, the model form the physical infrastructure, applicationsupport platform, users experimental simulation system. Physical infrastructurewhich is a teaching laboratory simulation system hardware and networkinfrastructure;Applications support platform established above physicalinfrastructure platform, including database server, application Web server andsecurity systems;Experimental simulation system based on user testing of thedifferent themes, divided into six functional modules : system management module,B2B module, B2C modules, C2C modules and teachers management module .User management module can added enterprise managers to the system, and ithas deletion and password changes functions. B2B module for business-to-businesselectronic commerce, B2C achieve module between the consumer and consumer ECB2C module is a business and consumer EC modules C2C module achieve betweenconsumers and consumers, teachers management module achieved managementstudents, in every modules problems, teaching cases, test data bank, online testingfunctions, simulation experiments provide students with a real EC, vividexperimental environment,This system use B/S structural system, SQL Server and Server softwareenvironment for the achievement of specific applications of technologies such as ASP,in this paper the overall structure of the system, structure, ASP technical features,programming methods and the use of databases have a detailed presentations, adetailed account of the system of functional modules, and give some examples, andultimately present a completely teaching experimental simulation systems of EC.

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