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Research and Instance on the Extreme Programming Software Development

Author GuoDaJun
Tutor LiuDaYou
School Jilin University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Extreme Programming Iterative development Continuous Integration Pair Programming
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the development of communicate technology, new information can betransferred momentarily, some requirement of business project changedconstantly during the runtime period, Therefore the development must bechanged accordingly. The change indeed cause the rise of cost, and intraditional environment of software development, the cost result by changesometimes are very high, so people counteract change, finally cause the wholeproject fail. Extreme Programming (XP) aim at the rapid changed softwarerequirement. In a word , XP is a highly iterative process, there are muchfeedback for the adjustment of the environment and requirement ,at the sametime XP emphasize to develop system in small version, so people can use asmaller system quickly, and then enhance the functions of the systemcontinuously。Its advantage is that programmer may get feedbacks from the useof customer.At present, the research and application of XP in domestic ebb and flow, allsorts of books about XP published one after the other, the controversy about XPsoftware engineering method can be seen everywhere in media. The reasonabout why these circumstances occur is because domestic users encounter alot of problems during the implementing process of software project. Forexample, delay the project deliver date , frequently changed on customerdemand, too long modifying period of defected . software engineer imperioushope that they can find some way to solve these problems. As to XP which is ahigh dynamic method and deal with requirement change by short iterativeperiod, it can settle problem surely in a certain extent. But when softwareengineer manage software project using XP, either absolutely copy or impropercomprehension and improper implementation, result in bad result, and thenback to the original and common design method----code and amend.This thesis research how to apply XP logically and efficiently in domesticsoftware project based on software technique level and project experience.Firstly introduce the birth background and reason of first XP project, and thedefinition of XP. Interpret the value , principle , action and twelve bestpractices, introduce the key element and feature that compose XP deeply.Expatiate the principle , lifecycle of XP and the assignment of responsibility of inthe XP team on the base of these basic notion.Secondly, in the content of describe how to solve problems whichencountered in software development using XP, some problems and the mainreason about software fail are introduced in detailed, expatiate how to controlrisk、reduce risk and adopt which best practice and method to enhance qualityand management change with a view to the four control parameter and theireffect includes controllable time、cost、quality and range.Thirdly, introduce the basic notion about software publish, and present XPlayout approach in layout XP. Expatiate how to divide publish into iterative, howto divide user story into task, and give out the step which iterative must followand the principle and method to divide user story in the content of foundation ofpublish layout. Elaborate the basic elements of user story and how to compile itby collecting user requirement in the style of user story. After catch therequirement, introduce how to write code with pair programming and theadvantages of pair programmingAnd then, introduce how to process daily construct and the advantages of dailyconstruct , how to construct automatic , and introduce the category of XP toolused during integrate period、persistence integrate. Discussing how to promotethe development quality of software , to reduce the ratio of disadvantage ,toenhance the communication between the customers and receive the feedbackof customers through using these tools.Finally, in the content of the XP implement , this issue explain how to bring XPinto effect in XP install ,and introduce build XP group action ,how to build properXP developing environment , procedure that you must comply duringdevelopment , as well as the efficient method of communicating between themembers in the development team . Narrate how to build XP group by six XPinstall template.

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