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Structure and Optimize: Current Problem and Reflection That China’s MET System Faces

Author MaChangQing
Tutor QiWanXue
School Shandong Normal University
Course Education and management of
Keywords MET System Structure and Optimize
CLC G632.474
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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China’s national entrance examination is a complicated and systematicproject, a breakthrough to improve the national quality and cultivatequalified personals in all fields. Thus it is always a topic of generalinterest in schools, families and even in the whole society.Since the entrance examination was restored in 1977, many reforms havebeen made to choose or cultivate talented people and conduct the developmentof China. Besides, it has been playing an important pant in improving thenational quality. In face of the world’s rapid development in science andthe severe international competition in talents, the entrance examinationis becoming the most important way of choosing or cultivating talents. Sothe national entrance examination, considered as a baton in conductingeducation in primary and middle schools, must be polished again and againto put forward the cause of education.The thesis is organized in three dimensions. (1) Reconsideration andretrospect. (2) Sorting and analysis. (3) Strategies and suggestions. It isintended to find out the key to the main problems in the present examinationsystem and give some reformative suggestions. A more suitable and reasonableway to choose or cultivate creative talents will be established in China,when more and more attention is focused on the reform of the entranceexamination.In the thesis, the author analyses problems in the existing system. (1)The existing system has negative effect on the fundamental education inprimary and middle schools. Therefore, all-round education cannot be carriedout since the students’personality cannot be fully developed while they areloaded with too heavy learning burdens. (2) The advanced education alsosuffers form the present entrance examination system. Education, which onlydeals with how to pass the entrance examination, is really an obstacle inbringing up talents with creativity. The students’ inertia thinking formedin dealing with the examination itself and seeking knowledge without thinkingdoes great harm to the advanced education at university. At the same time,the present situation causes great difficulty in connecting the intermediateeducation with advanced education harmoniously. (3) The present examinationsystem brings forth great dissatisfaction among the public. Children’advanced education becomes a heavy burden for many families economicallyand spiritually. Besides, the severe competition encourages corruption insociety, and unfairness is worsening by cheating in the examination and flawsin enrolment system.The author gives the main reasons for the problems. (1) Too much attentionis paid to the proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade. Also,there’s a conflict between the spirit of middle school education and theone-sided pursuit of high proportion mentioned above. (2) There’s also anunfair competition in educational material distribution. (3) The singleenrolment system causes much difficulty for the reform.To solve the problem, the author gives many reformative suggestions aftercanalizing the present situation in china and using the experience of othercountries for reference. (1) Put an end once and for all to change theexamination guidance of advance quality education. (2) To strengthen thevirtuous joint between secondary education and higher education, and to reduceeducation focusing on well-performing students. (3) Education sectors shouldpresent secondary education from unfair distribution and vicious competition.(4) On the aspect of reforming MET system, I think MET system should neverbe cancelled. We should reform and perfect it, and explore pluralistic andcompound enrolment system. For example, to draw on the experience of JapaneseMET system. We can enroll new students according to the combination of METand independent examination. At the same time, we’d better restart the springMET, which is paid less and less attention now. We can reform its weaknessand strengthen policy support to it, and realize MET twice per year. On theaspect of enrolment system, we can give consideration to the examinationresults and credits, and set up a multiple consult and follow system ofenrolment system. Although MET reform is very important, to prefect theimplement of MET reform smoothly is also important. Then we should advanceenrolment system to consider revising and standard way. So we can say thatit’s essential to administrate test according to law. At the same time, weshould perfect the enrolment system of MET, and stop up all enrolment loopholes.We can structure and optimize a much more impartial and fain enrolmentenvironment to select and train talented persons with individual characterand high quality.

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