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Integration of research and practice of information technology and geography teaching

Author ChenYuLing
Tutor ZhangZuLu
School Shandong Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords informational technology conformity constructivism teaching mode E-Learning Porfolion
CLC G633.55
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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21st Century is a epoch when science and economy are rapidly developing,also a time when knowledge is promptly accumulated and changing. Thecoming of the informational era requires that everyone of us shouldaccommodate this changefully society actively, ceaselessly learn to enrichourselves continuously. Today, modern educational medias based on computerenter the campus one after another. School net is the hardware that most schoolsactively outfit. However, it is a pity that at present, few teachers can fully takeadvantage of multimedia as the teaching assistant instrument, and investigatehow to use computer to help teaching from the subject aspect. So how toactually concretize modern informational technique into object teaching hasbeen a problem which needs stringent solving. Now conformityinginformational technique and subjects has been an important thesis, which is theonly way of realizing fundamental educational modernization as well as animportant part of the course reformation. So as a geographical teacher, I willseriously study its rule, trying my best to put it into practice in the teachingprocess, and to advance my applied ability of using informational technique andinformational recourse, deepening the course reformation, promoting theteaching benefit& quality, fostering creative intellectual with high diathesis,bringing along educational modernization with informational technique. The combining of informational technique and subject teaching reflects theadvanced modern teaching ideology and imbibed advanced educational theoriesand learning theoretic. In this research, the author guides modern educationtheory with diathesis education theory, emphasizing on exploring constructivismand the application of the teaching mode of “dominant—principal”.constructivism theory accentuates that learners acquire knowledge isn’t viateachers impart, but via an active meaning-constructive method, by dint of cooperations and discussions with others in a certain scene. constructivismteaching and learning theory have been the latest teaching system design,leading to the academic foundation of reforming foundation teaching. Applyingmodern informational technique into geographical teaching can maximallyincarnate the characteristic of constructivism theory.The essay emphasizes on four teaching modes based on constructivismtheory and the teaching design of “dominant—principal”: scene—explore mode;task-driving mode;group cooperate and net-negotiation mode and simulation-demo-Para teaching mode. The four modes are all based on the student’sself-determination, probe and creativity, to from conditions for diathesiseducation. Although the four modes pay attention to different aspects, they allemphasize on exerting students’ go-aheadism, enthusiasm and initiative spiritvia situation of scenes, negotiations, conversations etc., making the studentsconstruct the significance and goal of knowledge acquirement, which alsorepresenting the teaching theory of “ Teaching is a process of informationexchanging between teachers and students, contributing to the fully exertion ofthe teachers’ leading function and the students’ principal function as well. Itaccords demands of knowledge economy and diathesis education, so it hasimportant academic and practical significance.Conformity education has a remarkable advantage over other teachingmethods. It is based on students’ self-study, emphasizing on the perceiveprincipal function, which also changing the mode that teachers are the centre,making the students become the main body of the teaching process. Studentsbecome the main body of informational disposal, the active constructers ofsignificance but not passive exterior-stimulant receivers. this requires a newstudy and system, in which we should pay attention to the system of teachingprocess. The E-Learning Porfolion the author tries to use is a useful facility torealize the estimate of teaching process.

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