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Industrial Clusters Identification and Cultivation of Jilin Province

Author RenYanFeng
Tutor LiXiuMin
School Northeast Normal University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords Industrial Cluster Identification Cultivation
CLC F279.27
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Industrial cluster theories become the theoretical foundations when country and regionestablished area develop strategy gradually. Abroad plenty of systematic theoretical researchesabout identification of industrial cluster began from 20 century 70 decade, such as Streit(1969), Poepke etc. (1974), Czamanski (1974), Czamanski and Ablas (1979), Abbott andAndrews (1990), Feser and Bergman (1990), Roberts (1992), Scott and Bergman (1997),Hewings etc. (1998), Roelandt and Den Hertag (1999), Padmore and Gibson (1998), HillBrennan (2000), Hoeo (2002), Peneder (2001) and Shannon (2002). The plenty of papersfrom quantitative analysis to qualitative analysis and the rich development of regionaleconomies cases make foreign identification research of the industrial cluster become matureday by day. Major identification method is to produce law with input-output method forfoundation. Domestic relevant industrial cluster researches began from 1995. Most earlyprofessor Wang Ji Ci brought the concepts of industry cluster to us. Now the identificationmethods about industrial cluster are studying, it has not still formed system. Some domesticscholar uses several methods, for example contrast analysis, diagram method, networkanalysis and cases analysis. With the methods some domestic regions development problem isstudied, though these methods are more vivid and visual, but since data is hard to get or thesample quantity of questionnaire is limited, it is as a result to show lack persuasion.This paper gives a brief introduction of the methods about identification abroad. And weuse methods of meso industry cluster analysis (location quotient) and qualitative analysis toidentify the clusters. When carrying out the foundation of analysis for Jilin province industry,identification makes potential industry cluster to gather, and suggest the related policies thatconcerning industrial cluster cultivations.This paper divides 4 chapters:Chapter 1, basic theory about industrial cluster was introduced includes concept andfeature. Since the angle of research is different, there are many concepts about the industrialcluster. This chapter has introduced some typical concepts mainly as Porter, Rosefeld,Czamanski and the definition of Ablas, Hill and the persons such as Bergman, Krugman andEnright. Then some concepts related to cluster are compared. Though about industrial clusterconcepts are many, but different theoretical foundation and the angle of difference give adefinition industrial cluster have similar features. This chapter summarized five features ofindustry cluster: input-output relevancy, tight contacts between enterprises, concentration onlocation, shares of essential factor market and competitive-cooperative relation. For theidentification of industrial cluster, it is key to determine the feature that industrial cluster has.Chapter 2, by the numbers the major methods of identifications has been introduced. Atfirst, divide the angle that identification of industry cluster into micro-oriented analysis andmeso analysis. Then the micro-oriented method was made a brief introduction. This chapterfocal point lies in for the introduction of meso analysis methods, the main meso analysismethods are: Expert opinion, location quotient, input-output method, network analysis andinvestigation. In identification methods, focal point has introduced the two methods most usedfrequently: location quotient and input-output method. Finally a simple introduction of thepresent situation about identification theoretical researches in our country was made.Chapter 3, in this chapter we select the method of location quotient mainly with whichwe made demonstration analysis on the industry of Jilin province. Before introduction, havesummarized the general situation of Jilin province industry first, then selected 25 Jilinprovince major industries to be identified. Because location quotient method has the place ofthe deficiency, so this paper as far as possible select more indexes: The product sales revenuelocation quotient, employee location quotient and enterprise location quotient. And the changelaw for each location quotient is analyzed, which got more satisfactory results. Analysis andinspection for distinguishing result was made finally. On the face of data that got fromidentification, the conclusion that the method of location quotient got with fact conformsbasically, and the change rate that uses location quotient index may discover some problemsthat each industrial development has in process, this kind of method may be also used toidentify potential industrial cluster.Chapter 4, when having completed identification and after the basic theory introductionof relevant method of industrial cluster identification, in this chapter, the problem that authordiscovered mainly according to the present situation of Jilin province industry inidentifications, then gave some related policy suggestions on establish strategy of industrycluster for Jilin province, include mainly: The establishment of market mechanism, theadjustment of industrial organization structure, perfect industrial chain strengthen the tiebetween industries, reinforcement government function in industrial cluster, improve thedevelopments environment of industrial cluster and new industrial cluster replace the old one.

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