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Study of the Mechanical Strcture of a De-Icing Robot for 220kV Transmission Lines

Author ZhuangJiaLan
Tutor CaoChongZhen
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords high voltage transmission lines de-icing robot mechanical structure de-icing terminal arm system terminal arm system swing arm
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ice disaster of high voltage transmission lines which brings economic loss and inconvenience for people’s living to many countries of the world, has caused worldwide attention. In order to ensure the security operations of high voltage transmission lines, ice must be cleaned. De-icing robot technique provides an economical, safe, efficient de-icing method for de-icing high voltage transmission lines. Therefore, it has a good application prospect.Based on the research status of de-icing robot at home and abroad, the structure of a three-arm de-icing robot for de-icing high voltage transmission lines is designed in this paper. The de-icing robot consists five parts:forearm, mid-arm, back arm, gravity control device and control box. The three arms are all composed by terminal arm system and swing arm device.Firstly, according to the working environment and structural design requirements of the de-icing device, the de-icing scheme which is cutting ice primarily, knocking ice for auxiliary is established; then the drive for cutting ice is estimated, and an experiment is carried out to test the effectiveness of the proposed de-icing scheme. Secondly, based on the design requirements of the de-icing robot, the mechanical system scheme is established, and the clearing obstacles sequence is also presented. Thirdly, after the drives of terminal arm system of de-icing robot are calculated, the structure of the terminal arm system is designed including cutting ice and running gear, brake apparatus and telescoping device. Then finite element analysis on key parts of the terminal arm system is carried out. At last, the swing arm device of the de-icing robot is designed. The design requirements of vertical swing arm mechanism are got by analyzing motion characteristics of deicing robot forearm (back arm). According to motion requirements of the vertical swing arm mechanism, based on closeness of four-bar mechanism, the synthesis of vertical swing arm mechanism is implemented by analysis, and the dimensions of vertical swing arm mechanism are established. Then the motion of vertical swing arm mechanism is analyzed, and the drives of swing arm device are calculated.After the structure design of de-icing robot is completed, a prototype is made for analog running test. The experiment proves that the de-icing robot structure design meets the design requirements, and it can clear obstacles successfully.

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