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Research on Establishing Auto Body Layout Template Basing on KBE in CATIA V5

Author WangZuo
Tutor YuDuoNian
School Jilin University
Course Art of Design
Keywords CATIA V5 KBE Parametric Design Auto Body layout Auto Body Design Ergonomics
CLC U462.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the development of two methods in design likeParameterization Design and Knowledge Based on Engineering, newdesign method of intelligentized design by combine ParameterizationDesign and KBE together has been advanced, by which design efficiencywill be heightened largely and product exploitation period will be shortened.It is the basic design idea advanced by this article that theParameterization Design method basing on KBE. By this intelligentizedCAD method, a repository about products could be established. Not onlydimension driving and character driving could be realized, but alsocheckout could be done momentarily by man-machine conversation.Design about auto body layout is the key part in auto design. The finalpurpose of auto body layout design is to lay all of assemblies and parts inthe limited auto shape and also acquire the biggest room space in order toimprove the competition of products in market. With the present problem oflarge workload and spending time, if simplification on design task andreduction on work period could be realized by use of certain softwareplatform with certain idea, efficiency could be improved largely.In the trade of automobile nowadays, the design on auto body layouthas been mostly done by certain module basing on workstation developedonly for enterprise. With more strict demand for higher program level andspecialization, it is hard to be fulfilled by single general engineer. Howeverno matter for exploitation about new auto type or for design about remodelsand modification in part, the workload in auto body layout is so large. Ifengineer could carry through self-determination design by making use ofcertain parameterization module driving by knowledge to realize theautomatically update and optimization in the dimensions about auto bodylayout, repeating design work could be avoided.As complete parameterization design software, CATIA V 5 has beenapplied in every field: aviation, mechanism and auto etc. Its KBE modulehas been developed in more and more design fields, but the application inauto body layout design is seldom. With strong function about KBE andparameterization modeling, CATIA V5 allow consumer to set up and makeuse of Standard library freely and unlimitedly. In order offer computersupport during the period of design, traditional CAD needs to be expandedto be CAD system basing on knowledge. The objective of this article is todevelop the advantage about KBE module attached to CATIA V5 softwareplatform more to achieve the optimization design in auto body so as toease the task, be convenient to update the dimension repeatedly and savethe work time for engineers.This article’s study is mostly about binding the geometry character anddimension parameter together so that realize the automatically updateabout dimension parameter by substitution of geometry character. ApplyCATIA V5 complete parameterization design to set up dimensionsconnection and dimension drive in order to give dimensions in auto bodylayout checkout and update. As for auto body layout design, it is a repeatedwork to give modification of relevant dimension parameter and relevantgeometry elements (line, plane and body). On account of the shortcomingsfor other software, it is inevitable to use CATIA V5 entirely.KBE is a kind of subject which makes knowledge as managementobject and study how to use principle of artificial intelligence to design,construct and maintain the knowledge type of system. The key problems ofKBE are including expression of knowledge, employment of knowledgeand capture of knowledge. CATIA V5 KBE is including a series ofintelligentized software modules like KWA, KWE, PKT, BKT, PEO, PFD andPFO etc. CATIA V5 could denote “knowledge” by the form of parameter,formulas, rules, check, reports, design table, reactions and generativescripts. CATIA V5 basing on KBE could combine repository of knowledge inthe development of products so that could make sure engineers follow thebest design practice, development, steps of design as well as improve theefficiency of design.Although traditional CAD system could achieve parameterizationdesign, but without strong function and only could modify the geometrydimensions in part, whereas character of part could not have any change;the user-defined variable parameter are independent one another and noteasy to set up relationship formula between variable parameters, theparameterization design could not be embodied fully. In theparameterization design, knowledge could be introduced, combined withcharacter style to make up for the shortcomings of parameterization designand make the relationship between characters could be changed as certainconditions, i.e. to fulfill parameterization character.While apply CATIA V5 KBE in parameterization design, firstly need toparameterization modeling, pick up character of object, and transferknowledge to work process which could be realized in computer basing oncharacter and the connection between characters. Finally give resultcheckout through examinationAuto body layout is going along basing on whole car layout with theinstruction thought that “consider human as the most important”. Eyellipseis the one of tools used in auto body layout. If could make use of principleof parameterization driving to create templet library of eyellipse by thefunction of CATIA V5 KBE module. In this way, in the future design it isconvenient for engineer to choose eyellipse with different percent and easyto design or check, not only efficiency could be improved but veracity couldbe increased.Auto body is the most important part in the whole car design, and mostof the tasks are to study the part of auto body layout and design. Traditionalauto body layout and design still need experience and painting by hand,there are many problems in it. In general, as the confirmation of overalldimensions, the dimension parameter about auto body also could beconfirmed primarily. With the confirmation of overall parameters and autobody most dimensions, other dimension parameter could be embodiedgradually and also make them to meet the demand of key dimensions. Bymaking use of the parameter a formula in the CATIA V5 KBE module to setup whole car overall dimensions, and take them as the primary controllingparameters of whole auto body layout.

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