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The Research of Implementation about Inquiry Learning in the Teaching Process of Chemistry in High School

Author ZhouLiJun
Tutor BiHuaLin
School Shandong Normal University
Course Subject Teaching
Keywords chemistry inquiry learning implementation
CLC G633.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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With the implementation in the new turn of curriculum changes, "The OrdinaryHigh School Chemistry Curriculum Standard (Experiment)" pointed explicitly outthat we must strengthen consciousness of students’ scientific inquiring, promote thetransformation of their learning way, raise the students’ innovation spirit and thepractical ability, by changing the traditional and disadvantageous teaching way. Lastyear was the second year that our province has carried out the new curriculum. Fromthe investigation we learnt a lot of people in many cities and counties changed theiridea insufficiency on understanding the new curriculum ,implement little times theinquiry learning mode as well. Adds to it, the students which join the new curriculumreform have not to enroll the college entrance examination, many teachers andstudents in many schools still held the attitude by wait and see, also even some heldthe suspicion. In view of this kind of present situation, I proposed this research topic"the Research of Implementation about Inquiry Learning in the Teaching Process ofChemistry in High School. "This article has carried on the discussion on two aspects, theory and practices, tothe inquiry learning implementation.The theory aspect, from the theory of Education, the theory of psychology, thetheory of cognitive structure learning, J. Piaget’s constructing learning theory andsignificant learning theory as well as the theory related to inquiry learning , I took thetheory as supporting and the instruction. Based on the theory I analyzed the design ofteaching, including the teaching process, various variants, the basic design elementsand design elements of choice;Then explore in detail the nature of teaching strategies,including integration into diversified materials, the creation of the problem situation,develop research skills, study guide, organizations explore, evaluate research, and soon.The practice aspect, I myself have conducted the research for a nearly year, forthe purpose of through entering the first line of high school teaching, to confirm thefeasibilities of anticipated designed inquiry learning “three links in one flow” andtried to find gradually out the optimized design of the inquiry learning, cause thestudent to experience the process which the science inquired into, stimulate their studyinterest, strengthen their inquiry consciousness, thus truly promote the transformationof their study way, to achieve the goal by training their innovative spirit and enhancepractice ability. At the same time makes myself to know and understand the inquirylearning theory deeply, raises own teaching theoretical level and the teaching practiceability, opens up the teaching research technique, in order to be able to instruct thestudent to study well in the future. In those days which is together with the highschool teachers and students, with the aid of choosing answer paper also the interviewmethod I understood the receptivity about the inquiry learning to the experimentalclass and the comparison class’s students;with the aid of the examination method alsoa variety of appraisals analytic method I research the influence about the inquirylearning to them on chemistry knowledge and skill, process and method. I research thedevelopment of their emotions, manners, values and the difference of practices in theinnovative ideology which the ability develops on. In the implementation process,through many kinds of channels I collect various information and the feedbackmaterial unceasingly, and complete the record by classifying them.Finally I analyzed the implementation effect then summarized, obtained thedominant significance to the inquiry learning implementation, reconsidered to thequestion which exposed in the implementation, proposed own viewpoint and thesuggestion, then will provide theoretically with the practice in reference and themodel for the next high school chemistry teaching. I wish this may be a qualifiedpaving stone in the future in order to cause the inquiry learning way develop andexpand and transform smoothly in our country for the new curriculumcomprehensively launches .

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