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A Research on the Policy Factor of the Development of American Community College

Author NiuMengGang
Tutor YuHongBo
School Shandong Normal University
Course History of Education
Keywords community college junior college short-term high education policy
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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American community college is an organization for a short-term further study whichcenters on community operation with two-year comprehensible instructions and variousfunctions. From its birth to the present, community college has found in American higheducation system the earth that is suitable for its growth and development. It has also becomethe most active section in American high education so that the construction of American higheducation tends to be more scientific and the function more perfect.Based on the over-one-hundred-year development of community college, this thesismakes an attempt to regulate and analyze a series of laws, rules, policies and documents madeby American government at all levels, especially the federal government, as well as somerelevant associations. This attempt aims to illustrate the important role of arrangement andevolvement of policy in the development of community college. On the basis of the analysis,the thesis summarizes the main characteristics of the evolvement of American communitycollege policy, expecting to enlighten China’s policy construction of the development ofshort-term high education.This thesis is divided into four sections.The first section reviews and summarizes the historical background of the foundation ofjunior college from the factors of politics, economy, population and so on. These factors areindependent with each other, that is to say, they play their own unique roles in the process offacilitating the foundation of junior college;however, at the same time these factors areinterrelated, interacted, intermingled and indispensable.Section two, the main part of the thesis, probes into the policy factor which acceleratesthe development of community college. According to the historical periods of thedevelopment of community college, five chapters are further categorized in this section:extended period of advanced middle school, junior college period, community college period,comprehensible community college period and period of community college in a new image.The relation between policy and the college development is the core of the research in thissection. It tries to indicate that development policy of community college made bygovernments at all levels actually embodies the country’s (including the federal and states)will and is the interference to the community college development.The third section exemplifies “ a general scheme for California high education in 1960”as a case study and looks into its effect on the development and reform of community collegein California.The last section concludes the key features of the evolvement of policy development inAmerican community college and puts forward advisable proposes for the policy constructionof high education in China.

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