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Coal Mine Production System Analysis Method of Energy Consumption

Author HuangLiLin
Tutor RenYiZuo
School Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course Resource Economics and Management
Keywords Coal mine production system Energy consumption factors Energy consumption analysis method Energy consumption comparison
CLC F426.21
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Resource conservation and environment friendly society, the construction of the country is the important guarantee of realizing the sustainable development. Work with energy saving in all parts of the country, the energy consumption in-depth development of analysis and comparison also gradually attention. At present, China’s energy consumption by traditional statistical methods of energy consumption in GDP analysis or energy consumption per unit product analysis method, but mine production conditions differ in thousands ways, coal mine production system is influenced by many outside and internal factors, this kind of traditional method can not energy saving effect of vertical and horizontal comparison. Therefore, must according to the influence factors of coal mine production energy consumption type and characteristics, and find a kind of operation has the energy consumption of the analysis method, in order to better compare the size of energy consumption, the guidance and supervision of energy saving, energy saving guarantee the smooth realization of the goal.In this paper, the coal mine production system energy consumption factors as the research object, this paper concluded that coal mine production system is mainly affected by the natural factors, the science and technology facilities factors, factors and management factors of the four factors influence. In this paper, the four factors with analytic hierarchy process for further refined, according to the calculation of the weight of each factors that for coal mine production system the influence degree of the energy consumption, through the analysis of the factors of the coal mine enterprises find greater effect on energy consumption and controllable factors.To the coal mine production system in energy consumption influence factors and characteristics on the basis of analysis, this paper puts forward the first make sure tons of coal, and then consider the benchmark energy consumption characteristics of the relative factors which affect respectively each energy part is revised, and determine the specific condition or situation of coal under standard energy consumption, energy consumption is calculated with complete coefficient, complete energy consumption coefficients of the energy consumption comparative analysis of thought. The thesis is on the analysis of the basic principle in coal mine production premise, the characteristics of the tons of coal datum, the established standard, actual energy consumption calculation model, and combined with each link and its influence features established energy consumption adjustment model, and finally use energy complete coefficients on the process analysis, longitudinal energy consumption energy consumption comparative analysis, the lateral energy consumption of comparative analysis of the basic methods are discussed. Through the study of coal provide to enterprises and other mining enterprise energy consumption analysis method.In this paper, the coal mine as an example to the south of the chariot empirical research, a large collection of material and data calculation, and through this paper provide method calculated at Nan Tun coal mine production system structure and characteristics of the energy consumption, and put forward the corresponding to the energy saving measures.

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