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Research on Development and Character of Social Educationin Minguo Period

Author WuXiaoWei
Tutor QuTieHua
School Northeast Normal University
Course History of Education
Keywords Social education Popular education Common people education Mass education Characteristic Enlightenment
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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From the Republic of China establishing to Sino-Japan War erupting comprehensively in1937, it was more than 20 years. It was a period of society being turbulent fiercely andchanging suddenly in the Chinese history. In the specific international environment and underthe social background, the social education which had been constrained by "the socialenlightenment" for several millenniums stepped onto the historical arena again, andshouldered the period popular expectation of "saving the country in peril". In the forepart ofthe Republic of China, the social education had obtained the educational administration status,and its function even more received recognition. Some patriotic intellectuals summed up thereason that China was poor and weak and uncultured for the underdevelopment of education,therefore the popular education was appealed positively. However, most labourers who hadjust begun their work had missed the time to go to school, moreover they also did not have themoney, the time and the energy to enter the school to study, thus lost the opportunity ofreceiving education. In order to enhance the overall quality of the Chinese nation, part ofintellectuals advocated the part of being out of school can be educated through the socialeducation. For a while, each kind of social education thoughts rose up, each kind ofeducational association emerged unceasingly, related social education movements andexperiments were continuous. In 1927, the social education development had alsodifferentiated because Kuomintang and Communist Party two governments’ existed side byside. Although the social educations which were carried out by two governments weredifferent, it is the same in emphasizing social education. Until the Sino-Japan War eruptedcomprehensively in 1937, social education developed continuously and vigorously all thetime in the region of Kuomintang and the region of Soviet.Social education of the Republic of China obtained the unprecedented developmentunder the government’s support and the patriotic intellectual’s impetus. As a result of theinfluence of the special historical factor, the characteristic which differed from the past hadformed. For example, the educational object scope was widespread and laid particular stresson the adults;the educational content was rich and based on the social reality;educationalform was agility and the facility of organization was various;the folk educational associationwas active. But at that time ,the experience which left by the social education movement andexperiment which was carrying on as well as the education theory proposed by educationalists,also provided many important enlightenment for our modern social education development .

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