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The Design of Web-based Course Based on Scaffolding Instruction

Author KongDeWei
Tutor WangYiNing
School Northeast Normal University
Course Educational Technology
Keywords Scaffolding Instruction Web-based course Scaffold Design Research
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In information age, with the development of information and communicationtechnology, the superiority of network instruction appears day by day, its constant deepening,expanding, popularizing in the field of teaching is an unavoidable trend. The Web-basedcourse has become the important research field of modern education as the importantcomponent of network instruction.Scaffolding Instruction' dissertation">Scaffolding Instruction is one of riper instruction mode influenced by Constructivismtheory at present. First, this thesis has carried on deep analysis and research to ScaffoldingInstruction. It is mainly from four respects. The first respect is the theory foundation ofScaffolding Instruction. It is Constructivism theory and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory andhis concept of the zone of proximal development (ZPD). The second respect is the theoryanalysis of Scaffolding Instruction including the understanding of "scaffold", the meaningsand the teaching characteristics of Scaffolding Instruction. The third respect is ScaffoldingInstruction in teaching. The fourth respect is Web-based Scaffolding Instruction. Then,according to the above analysis and the characteristics of the network environment, wesummarize eleven design principles of "scaffold" in Web-based course, and have proceededwith six respects to analyze the construction of "scaffold" in Web-based course. Finally,regarding Scaffolding Instruction theory as guidelines, we have brought forward the designideas of Web-based course mainly from the role of teacher, the content system, thenavigation system, the interaction system and the assessment system. In this thesis we havedesigned the frame of “Video Disc” course composed of study subsystem and managementsubsystem, and also have explained the composition and function of every function systemspecifically.

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