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Research of Wireless Marketing in 3G Era

Author NiuShuJing
Tutor LvTingJie
School Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course Business Administration
Keywords mobile marketing mobile marketing corporate marketing wireless marketing profit model 3G
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The message the media content may be the same, but if not the same form, then the effect will not spread as the spread of the audience will experience completely different form of media determines the information interpretation. Advertisements in the media, is a modern enterprises to improve their visibility, the first choice for corporate marketing,(?)o for enterprises to win the media is tantamount to winning the marketing opportunities. Technology continues to develop, making the print media from the paper era, the development of radio, television, the Internet, then a more convenient, highly personalized media created-the phone. The choice of media is the strategic choice, the popularity of mobile phones, for the majority of businesses opened a door leading to profitability. The emergence of mobile media, making the human use of information more efficient, as long as pulling out the phone to connect to the Internet, for various information activities. Without the need to watch TV as before, with computer access, as in the fixed-point reception. Users only need to have cell phones, wherever they go where the user information to follow.With the popularity of mobile phones, wireless Internet using mobile phone users increasing number of activities, as of the first half of 2007, the national mobile phone users over 515 million, the number of mobile phone users has reached 44.3 million, compared to 2.6 in 2006 turned times. With period, the total number of netizens in China mainland 162 million, amounting to 122 million broadband Internet users. Clearly and simply using a mobile phone personalization, privacy-oriented features, the most important for them to get the customer resource information. Relative to newspapers, radio, television and networks, through mobile advertising, promotional products and businesses, the probability of the user access to information, accuracy is higher. At the same time the cost to business is also relatively cheaper and the benefits of their more direct and more efficient. With the mobile phone technology updates, easy to carry mobile phones, anytime, anywhere access to information of commercial value can be more and more enterprises have been paying attention. How to achieve business value of using mobile phones, effective marketing, is already a growing number of companies to consider.BZB, BZC, CZC e-business model has made the Internet a great success, this model is gradually being diverted to the phone up. In the future, mobile is not just a communication tool, but also a Pocket PC, the convenience of mobile consumer will be more quickly displayed. Mobile media can play in corporate marketing its interactive, portable nature of the advantages of integrated marketing and other media to advantage, while the full development of their media advantage and attract more people into the wireless market in this field of study. This paper-divided into six chapters, the first chapter introduces the research background of mobile marketing' dissertation">mobile marketing, status, significance and purpose of the study and the research methods and the whole thesis research. The second chapter analyzes the use of mobile phone marketing, business feasibility analysis, including analysis and use of media to the advantage of mobile marketing. Chapter III wireless platform marketing research, including the marketing of mobile marketing, mobile marketing and create enterprise value chain analysis, business use of mobile wireless marketing and mobile marketing space Situation Analysis. Chapter IV analyzes the survey to study the attitude of users for mobile marketing. Fifth chapter is the use of mobile marketing mobile phone business model used in the analysis, including the business models of mobile marketing, mobile marketing and wireless marketing profit model positioning and strategy. Chapter VI to be summarized.

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