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Danshen injection caudal injection treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis clinical observation

Author ChengZhongHua
Tutor XiangBao
School Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Integrative Medicine Clinical Orthopaedics
Keywords The syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula Dan Shen Injection sacral fistula injection clinical observation
CLC R274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Objective To evaluate the clinical effects of Dan Shen Injection through sacral fistula to cure the syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula. To find a safe and effective method to cure the syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula. The syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula is a common disease, chronic lumbago and intermittent limp are its classic character, the result of treatment influence directly patient’s working and living. There are two methods to cure it in clinic: operation and non-operation, the recently effect of operation is satisfactory, because which eliminates the press on nerve, operation, however, is on earth destruction to the structure of spine , Lumbago retains in operation examples through clinic observation, it is generally agreed that lumbago is related to spine instability which results from the destroy of spine structure in operation, the later may result in chronic impair to muscle and joint. There are a lot of methods in non-operation, mainly including analgesic, having a rest on bed, physical therapy, but the effects are slow, spending much time and patients are not satisfactory to cure result, which is the cause to limit in clinic. There has been one century sine Cathlion introduced the method which injected through sacral fistula, the anatomy and usage of sacral fistula have been studied in china since 80s, which provides anatomy evidence for through sacral fistula to cure the syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula. Hormone is main in injection drugs, in spite of recent effect is remark, but the effect is bad in the future and there may be danger to osteoporosis and ulcers, so hormone is limited in usage coverage too. As a Chinese medicine, the effect of Dan Shen is certain. The experiment on the application of Dan Shen Injection through sacral of narrow lumbar fistula .To find a safe effective non-operation channel cure the syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula ,and interpret its affect mechanism. Thus, we can hew out new field of vision and path to cure the syndrome of narrow lumbar fistula. Methods The experiment on the application of Dan Shen Injection through sacral of narrow lumbar fistula .Take the team which takes Dan Shen Injection as the standard team, the other one which takes Triamcinolone Acetonide Injection,VitBiand VitB12 as the contrast team .Either team is filled with 30 examples .Medicine sacral canal injection once per week .The one course of treatment is three times .The standard we adopt to judge the clinical effects liev with the patients’ improvement on lumbago, radioactive pain in legs ,intermittent limp ,lifting straight leg ,legs feeling ,muscle and the refection of tendon .Pretreatment and post-treatment carried out the mark of curative effect.The specific method can be ascribed as follows: Let patient bow to bed, put a pad under abdomen let sacral up, it is easy to operate. After disinfecting, doctor stands beside patient, touches the angle of sacral, breakouts skin by stich in down to angle, pays attention to sence, operates absorbing if there are not bleeding after empty, then tell patient coughing, it means the deep is fit if there is not liquid flowing, pressing 1 percent Lidocaine 5 milliliter adapting the direction of needle head according pain legs, pulling out need head after injecting the rest drugs to pain side. Let patient stands up after the place of pinprick has not hemorrhage, to prevent drug liquid flows to recent of spine, which causes center nerve paralysis, the paralysis make patient in danger. Patient may leave after there are no reactions through observation for twenty minutes, because it spends a little time for drugs absorbing. The pains of lumbar and legs may be serious

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