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The Chongqing regional economic development differences evolved with the economic development of Chongqing

Author LiLe
Tutor LuoDongQi
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords regional economic disparity TOPSISI method evolution tendency influence factors Chongqing
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Regional economic disparity is a common international phenomenon in the world.Many countries are facing with various degrees of imbalanced regional developmentproblems. As the largest developing country, China faces the regional economicimbalances problem more obviously. China’s fourth municipality Chongqing which ischaracterized by the "Big City" with "Big Country" and the fierce differences betweendistricts and counties. To some extent, the regional economic disparity can be regardedas a microcosm of China’s regional economic differences between east and west. Bystudying the evolution of regional economic disparity in Chongqing, it will not onlyhelp reveal the evolution law of regional economic structure, but also enrich theregional economic system and expand the scope of application of the theory.This paper define the regional economic disparity as "non-equalizationphenomenon, the overall level of regional economic development is different in thesense of per capita in a period of time. Reference to TOPSIS model, combined with thecoefficient of variation method, this paper builds a comprehensive index system ofregional economic disparity in the level of economic development, regional industrialstructure, regional development potential, local people living standards and estimatesregional economic development differences among Chongqing districts (counties) andthe three plates.At present, the regional economic disparity shows distinctive features:1) Regional economic disparity still have a big difference, one hour economicdevelopment level is much higher than the average in the whole city. ChongqingNortheast wing and Chongqing Southeast wing lag behind the average levels, whileChongqing Southeast wing is slight higher than the Chongqing southeast wing.2) The regional economic disparity mainly reflected in the districts (counties), thedifferences between one hour economic zone and Chongqing northeast wing, and thedifferences between one hour economic zone and Chongqing Southeast wing; and thelittle differences among Chongqing northeast wing, Chongqing Southeast wing andChongqing Northeast wing.3) The level of regional economic development structural model of Chongqing,gradually changing from the pyramid model of a large bottom with a small top to olivemodel. Factors that influence the development of regional economy of Chongqing’s "lapwings" can be attributed to: the natural geographic conditions, the regional industrialstructure, the level of regional openness, the regional development foundation andurbanization. These factors have contributed to the differences between various districtsand counties among one hour economic zone, the Northeast wing, and the Southeastwing. To promote regional economic development in Chongqing, we must change theeconomic development mode, take efforts to optimize the industrial structure and builda rational regional division of labor. Speeding up the foundation of the regional centers,it will play a better leading role on economic development and focusing on cultivating“two wings" of regional economic growth pole to exert better radiation impetusfunction.

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