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Research on Corporate Governance Influencing Accounting Information Quality

Author RenJiXia
Tutor WangZhuQuan
School Ocean University of China
Course Accounting
Keywords corporate governance structure stockholder’s rights structure accounting information quality binary Logistic regression
CLC F275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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There is a very important relationship between corporate governance and accounting information, effective corporate governance could improve the accounting information quality. The paper commits itself to research how the character of listed companies’governance impact on accounting information, in order to research the effective corporate governance mechanism of China.At first, this paper summarized the foreign and domestic correlative literatures, Then the paper takes the 447 listed companies in Shenzhen Stock Exchange during the period from 2006 to 2008 as the research object, through the description statistical analysis, the relevant analysis, the independent sample T examination and the binary logical regression studies how the character of listed companies’governance structure impact on their accounting information. We have chosen the structure of stock rights and board of director variables. About accounting information quality, this article used the examination result of the listed companies’information quality on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Through the empirical analysis we discovered, the circulation stock proportion and the accounting information quality has remarkable correlation, the raising of the circulation stock proportion can improve remarkably the accountings information quality. If we can as soon as possible a real sense of the full circulation will greatly improve the quality of accounting information disclosure.The empirical result indicated that the national stock proportion and the nature of the first big stock shareholder are different remarkably in the different grouping, National stock proportion higher, the first major stockholder of the listed company is the state-owned shareholder, its information quality is higher. The regression result showed the national stock proportion and the first big shareholder for the state-owned shareholders are positively correlation to the information quality. It is contrary to the assumption. The stockholder’s rights in the different information grouping was examined remarkable, the company of the high information quality, its stockholder’s rights are also higher. The regression result showed the stockholder’s rights centralization with the information quality assumes the weak positively correlation. It is opposite to the article supposition. At present, under market system environmental condition, stockholder’s rights centralized,"the state-owned stock is the first big stockholder"is not the principal reason which gives rise to the questions of information quality, and it is the listed companies’ reality choice according to our country’s market mechanism condition and the laws and regulations environment.According to the positive research results, this article obtained the suggestions, in order to provide the model for corporate governance reform, enhance the information quality, and promote our country stock market development.The innovation of the article lies in three points. Firstly, standardizing research and empirical studies of combining research methods, in order to study the background of China’s capital market, for the quantification of the quality of accounting information, quality of accounting information in the selection of indicators to measure, using the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company information The evaluation of the results of the disclosure of accounting information as a measure of the quality of the main criteria, using descriptive statistical analysis, correlation analysis, independent sample T test and binary logistic regression and other empirical methods, binary logistic regression model was constructed to better analyze the factors on the quality of accounting information.Secondly, the research sample is large and new, to the Shenzhen A share market in 2006 an 2008 three-year period of 447 annual reports of listed companies as the research object, analyzing the quality of accounting information of listed companies corporate governance factors. Full sample reached 1341.Also, Selecting the information of appraisal results as a measure of the quality of accounting standards from 2004 to 2008,the quality of accounting information on the current status of China’s descriptive statistics.Thirdly, corporate governance features includes the ownership structure, the board of directors and the supervisory board’features. At the same time, the author select multiple financial indicators as control variables, taking full account of interference factors.

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