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On Belief of Communism and All-round Development of Human Being

Author SongJunCheng
Tutor SunZhengZuo
School Jilin University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Belief in communism Comprehensive human development Reality morphological Market economy The practice of socialism
CLC B821
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Marxist ideology has made the greatest impact on the human cognitionand practice, spreading most widely, becoming the ideal source of humanexistence and development in our present world because of its criticism,inovition and surpassing.In china, Marxism adjusts and enriches itself in theprocess of revolution, construction and development, in the process ofcohesion, integration, creation in Chinese society. As the most scientific andthe loftiest belief, the communism enhances the Chinese nationalagglomeration, encouraging people to make progress, leading the humanaction from the actuality to the future, accelerating people to developcomprehensively and freely.Communism is the dialecting unity of reality and the ending idealism. Itemerged and developed, based on the social practice, tested and developed bythe practice. Marxism have people’s all sided development in mind, taking therespection of man’s activity as the premise, regarding man’s freedom, harmony,all-sided development as the aim. Man’s all-sided development is theimaginary aim about the future society development .human is human becauseman’s essence and human nature emerged, enriched and developed totally,manifesting the need of man’s ability, the development of social relations,individuality, ect. Man’s all-round development, for the Marxism, is the keyideal and ending value information about human’s liberty and development, isthe basic principle of communist society. From the angle of dialecting unity ofvalue principle and scientific principle, Marxism bestow very abundant andpenetrating scientific connotation on human. Marx’s theory of communismand his theory of human’s development and liberty are dialecting unity. For theideal, no doubt, human wants to set up a social system to ensure that the wholepeople will exist and develop better, that is communist system. communism isfor human’s all-round development, also, human’s all-round development isfor the communism.At present in china, society is in transforming period. The sense of culture,idea, value is colliding pluralistically. Facing the fresh consideration on thebelief, many persons astonished that China had faced the deep crisis of belief,In the ideological sphere, the communism accepts the challenge from thetraditional political convictions and the capitalism. The communism is in anembarrassed position. We shouldn’t overstate it although. the socialphenomenon is here and there. In China Marxism has been overcoming theunilateral cognition that the statement should be established, in the course ofnearly one hundred years of practice and exploration. Marxism combined itselfwith Chinese concrete practice, cultivating and developing Chinese communistbelief.Mao zedong’s ideology, Deng xiaoping’s Theories and Three RepresentsImportant Mind is the contemporary Chinese communist belief’s actualtheorial formation. The spirit of contemporen Chinese nation is the spritualformation of contemporary Chinese communist belief. Socialistic culture withChinese characterisric is the current Chinese communism cultural formation.The Chinese Party is the organized formation of the current commusism.Practice that esrablishing socialism with Chinese characteristic is the practicalformation of contempotary Chinese belief.With the practice of establishing socialism with Chinese characteristic,people begin to examine again the theoretical significance and actualimportance on human’s all-sided but free development. based on historicalmaterialism by Marx.Human’s all-round development is the ending aim of thefuture society, composed of many concrete aims, so man’s all-rounddevelopment is not only historical but actual. It is not only the highestsignificant ideal but also a historical process. Every stage of human socialhistorical development adds new content, now our country is still in theelementary socialist stage, adopting socialist marketing economy. It is differentfrom original planned economy, and different from the marketing economy ofcapitalism, socialist marketing economy takes basic effect fully on the socialresource disporition, improving socialist productive forces greatly, creativingmaterial conditions and forces support for human’s all-sided development, atthe same time, avoiding many disadvantages under the capitalist marketingconditions, dereasing negative-side effects of marketing economy. So in thesocialist elementary stage, under the conditions of socialist marketingeconomy, we can’t surmount the historical process to seek for human’ssuperrealistic all-sided development, or loosen today’s hardworking, excusingthat human’s all-sided development is the future aim.As the highly-developed commodity economy, marketing economy is thenecessary process for the people to carry out the all-round development. Theestablishment and development of Chinese marketing economy system breaksthe planned-economy-system control, supplying the surpassing conditions forhuman’s all-sided development, laying a solid foundation, opening up broadprospects. The independence, equality, opening and competition of socialistmarketing economy are helpful for people to break through the attachablerelation of old system. Human’s all-sided development is accomple byliberating productive forces. liberation of productive forces is liberation ofindividual. The great development of productive forces is material fundationand promise to accomplish human’s modernization and all-sided development.Chinese Marxist summarize the experience and lessons of interral andexterral socialist construction, combining the historical materialism withChinese concrete reality, becoming Marxism with Chinese characteristic,summarizing the historical experience of Chinese economic reform andopening, and the lessons of other countries, deepening the knowledge aboutthe principles of communist party’s domination, socialist establishment andhuman society. The practice of establishing socialism with characteristic is theright way to human’s all-sided development. Establishment of socialistmaterial civilization is the fundation to improve human’s all-rounddevelopment. Development of socialist political civilization is the politicalinsurance to improve man’s all-round development. Establishment of socialistspiritual civilization improves ,human’s comprehensive quality, sticking toharmonious and continuous development, exploring reasonably and usingnatural resource to protect productive and living conditions and naturalbalance, improving relation of human and nature, supplying good ecologicalbalance with reasonable guarantee for human’s all-round development.

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