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On the Process of Marxism in China

Author SunXianTao
Tutor DengRuXin
School Jilin University
Course Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords Marxism Marxism in China Mao Zedong Thought Deng Xiaoping Theory Thought of Three Represents
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Marxism is the strong mentality armament for proletariate processing revolution and construction. Since it was introducted to China,Marxism has been developed in the practice of revolution and construct and has become some academic harvest-- Mao Zedong Thought ,Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "three represents." After practice, as they have been laid down by the party’s guiding ideology, guided China’s construction, They are the ideological guarantee to the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics .This article is divided into three main parts : Part I Marxism and the realization of Marxism in China. First, the birth of Marxism is the leap of the history of ideas in the history of mankind. This article analyses the conditions of the birth of Marxism. The class conditions, economic conditions, Theoretical foundation sources and methodology, Theoretical terms. Marxism for guiding the development of the proletarian revolutionary movement role , the initial performance especially is in the development of guiding role in the Russian revolution. However, in Lenin’s death, subsequent leaders did not continue to play the positive role of good Marxism. A socialist construction has suffered serious setbacks, and affects a significant portion of the socialist countries, and eventually a collapse of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe. Secondly, the realization of Marxism in China. The realization of Marxism in China is the process of China’s revolution and construction process. China and the Soviet Union are different, With other countries in the socialist revolution and construction is not the same. Practice has proved that the key of realization of Marxism in China is that Chinese communists with the actual conditions in China to develop China’s revolution and construction lines and strategy. This article asserts Mao Zedong Thought ,Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "three represents" come from the correct application of Marxism.Part II The process of Marxism in China. Good combination of theory and

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