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Empirical Research on the Relationship between Psychological Contract and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Employees

Author WangChaoYang
Tutor JinYanPing
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Human Resource Management
Keywords psychological contract organizational citizenship behavior real estate industry
CLC F272.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Since China implemented the policies of reform and opening, the economical development has made remarkable achievement. In the era of knowledge economy, the talents competition of enterprises is increasingly fierce. Therefore, how to choose, couched the personnel became core question of enterprise human resources management; now especially retain talent persons is key of many managers being concern. Previously, this problem how to retain talent has its answer which many scholars through research gave. But we discovered that the majority of people are through the method of motivation to realize this aim, such as salary incentive, etc. In recent years, through research people found that retain talents should not only be by material motivation, bet also from the psychological aspects, we should let employees identify themselves with organization, mentally, and gave employee satisfaction from establishing stable psychological link to keep talent. This is also the reason prompted the psychological contract theory. Therefore, through effective management the enterprise can make the psychological contract between the enterprise and staff and improve employee loyalty.The author has believed that basic problem of modern management want to solve is how to improve the performance of individuals and organizations, to create more value. To improve individual performance, through effective incentive methods we can improve the staffs’work enthusiasm which make employees do excellent job roles in behavior. But in order to improve enterprise’s performance, only raising the employee’s performance is not enough, this will require staff to be able to perform more roles behavior. These which are not admitted by formally salary is called organizational citizenship behavior. Therefore, appropriate improving employees’organizational citizenship behavior can make the organization performance improvement and operation efficiency.The psychological contract and organizational citizenship behavior is the inevitable connection, so the relation existing between them also became many scholars studied. With the deepening of the research, people found the psychological contract can affect organizational citizenship behavior, but according to different professions and different groups, their relationship is different. This reason why author chooses the real estate industry as the research object is because the rapid development and the fierce competition of real estate industry in recent years. So many talents also flow in this industry, talent competition is also increasingly fierce, and staffs liquidity is very big, too. Therefore this paper chooses the real estate industry for background to study the relation between psychological contract and organizational citizenship behavior.This paper adopts empirical research to collect the data through the form of questionnaire, applying SPSS statistical analysis software to get the data analysis, thus drawing the hypothesis and conclusions:the psychological contract and organizational citizenship behavior has a positive correlation in real estate industry. In this research process, this paper does a localization research focused on specific industry; this is the place of innovation. But this paper also exists some shortcomings, such as defined measurement of the psychological contract narrowly; organizational citizenship behavior is not combined with superior and meanwhile evaluation, etc.This paper is divided into five chapter:chapter 1 is the introduction, mainly introduced the background, significance, purpose, method,thinking, articles and the basic framework of the innovation of this paper places; Chapter 2 is the literature review, the part of chapter is described about psychological contract and organizational citizenship behavior theory, at the same time on the research of the relationship between both did induction; Chapter 3 is the research hypotheses and questionnaire design part, in this chapter author put forward this research assumptions, questionnaire design and the data analysis method; The chapter 4 are the theme of this part:data analysis, in this part of data processing through analysis software SPSS author get the data is analyzed; Chapter 5 is the final chapter of this paper which is to study the conclusion and inadequate, this chapter give the results according to the statistical analysis of this research conclusion, and based on the conclusions and combined with human resources management work author puts forward concrete suggestions, and finally pointed out based on the study of the problems and puts forward the future research direction.

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