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Lipi Tiaogan treatment of diarrhea ( irritable bowel syndrome ) clinical research

Author HuangLiFang
Tutor WangXinYue
School Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Chinese medical science
Keywords Singapore diarrhoea(IBS) functional disease hepatic stasis,spleen deficiency The method of Disperse Hepar Strengthen Spleen TCM clinical research
CLC R256.34
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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ReviewThis thesis has review the understanding of the etiology,pathology and treatment method of Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)both in ancient times and in present age. This thesis sums up the present research situation of modern medical science about the etiology and pathogenesis of diarrhoea(IBS),which is the foundation of clinical research of this project.ObjectivesThis research aim:(1) to explore the feasibility of treating diarrhoea cases in Singapore by applying the therapy of Hepatic Hepar,Strengthen Spleen;(2) to analyze the mechanism of this therapy in treating diarrhoea;(3) to observe the clinical effects and safety of this therapy; and(4) to identify the most suitable Chinese herbal remedy for treating diarrhoea in South-east Asia region.Clinical researchThis research was based on 60 cases of outpatients with hepatic stasis,Spleen deficiency from the TCM clinic in Singapore. They were randomly divided into two groups. One group was the experimental group,the patients of which were treated with Tiao Gan Li Pi Tang. The other group was the control group,with patients being treated with Tong Xie Yao Fang. The two groups were made up of 30 cases each group. These patients all met the TCM diagnosis criterion. The whole duration of treatment was 4 weeks.ResultsAfter one course of treatment,significant difference was apparent in the clinical effects : In the treatment group , 7cases recovered and 16cases significantly improved,(thus the effectual rate is 76.6%),5cases improved,2 ineffectual cases. The total effective rate in the treatment group is 93.3%. In the control group,3 cases recovered and 6cases significantly improved,(thus the effectual rate is 30.0%),17 cases improved,4 ineffectual cases. The total effective rate in the control group is 86.6%. There was statistically significant difference in the total effective rate between the treatment group and control guoup(P<0.01). The effective rate from the treatment group is clearly superior.DiscussionThis research showed that the two prescriptions used for both the experimental group and the control group had significant effects in treating diarrhoea caused by hepatic stasis,Spleen deficiency. Compared to Tong Xie Yao Fang,the Tiao Gan Li Pi Tang was better in improving symptoms such as diarrhoea ,stomach distention and pain ,chest and hypochondrium region discomfort. Above all,Tiao Gan Li Pi

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