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Design of the Small Complex Fertilizer Granulator

Author ZhuangDianXia
Tutor LvZuoQin
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Small-scale Fertilizer Granulator Single-chip Rotational speed Design
CLC S224.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2005
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Our country traditional compound fertilizer production mainly depends on records type of tray granulator system,with huge granulator, feeding in raw material intermittently, controlling each production tache relying on worker’s experience, which leads production quality fluctuates greater and the operation and control becomes very hard. In order to have an application result research of compound fertilizer, small-scale granulator , which meets the request of compound fertilizer making in laboratory, is badly needed.1.According to the technological requirement of fertilizer grains, this article has a theory analyse and calculation to the main part of the small-scale fertilizer granulator, moreover finishes the overall structural design.Small-scale fertilizer granulator is mainly composed by motor, making grains disc , gearbox , underbed, main shaft bearing , regulate device and rotational speed test system ,etc. Power of motor is convected to gearbox through belt , and after slowdown and increase torsion, the power is passed to the main shaft of the disc and drive it to rotate. The mixed raw material going into from above, with the rotation of disc, the raw material threshing and felted, the particle grows up gradually .The rotation of slope disc makes particle divide layer , and big particle is in upper strata and the smaller particle at lower floor grows up to cohere in disc with material added newly in disc the particle which conforms with the specification is exclude constantly from the fringe of the disc. The different size fertilizer particle can be obtained by changing the angle of making grains disc which can be adjusted by special settingsThis article has a structural design, theory analysis and calculation to motor, gearbox , making grains disc, main shaft bearing , regulate device and underbed of granulator main part, and also has drawn the installation diagram and main spare part pictures.2. Use the technology of single-chip, this article finishes the design of systematic which tests the rotational speed of the granulator. .In order to test the rotational speed of the fertilizer granulator main shaft, the article utilize the principle of single-chip to design the testing system. The

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