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Semantic analysis of the structure of the non - structural components of modern Russian

Author XuChuanHua
Tutor DuGuiZhi
School Capital Normal University
Course Russian Language and Literature
Keywords Non - structural components Structure semantics Sentences should be constructed Position transformation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The traditional syntax will sentence is divided into major components and minor components . The main ingredient is the center of the structure of the sentence , which is divided into subject and predicate , minor constituents sentences integrity expression into adverbial and complement . Modern syntactic theory , non- structural components can be interpreted as non- essential structural component , also known as the extension component of the sentence , can be divided into the expansion of the exhibition part of speech ingredients - attributive attributive and adverbial different exhibition ten-day extension ingredients - adverbial . Attributive or adverbial, though to do the main component, but can act as a component in the sentence is still . While the non - structural components as defined in this article refers to these words independent sentence neither predicate core acts as a main component , can not serve as a minor component of the attributive , adverbial , that is to say such words alone can not act as a sentence component , so called non-structural component . Modern semantics studies the syntactic structure semantics and discourse semantics studies have shown that such words in the sentence can not act as a component of semantics and pragmatics of communicative purpose , intention and communicative function , but the sentence semantic organization , especially speech function is very large , and that is very important to the level of significance of the subjective meaning of the sentence . This article to prove the two chapters , the first chapter summarized choosing this topic , Research Description and writing method , the second chapter is the focus of this article , is divided into four main sections discusses the preposition , conjunction, tone, word and parenthesis structural semantics , and finally the conclusion , the full text discusses the lack of development prospects to make a brief introduction . Discusses the process , we selected representative sentences to be analyzed in order to demonstrate the non-structural components plays indispensable role in the sentence .

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