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Solar Activity and EUV Wave Phenomena Research

Author ZhangLei
Tutor ZhengHuiNan
School University of Science and Technology of China
Course Space Physics
Keywords Coronal mass ejections EUV waves MHD numerical simulation
CLC P353.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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EUV wave is observed in the extreme ultraviolet spectrum on large-scale distur-bances phenomenon, often accompanied by a coronal mass ejection. Besides, EUVwave is, when displayed in EUVI 195 (A|°) difference image, a bright ring reaching outand the subsequent spread of the dark zone. The disturbance can often cover the w-hole day round. The current study explores the CME-EUV wave events which oc-curred at 05:35 on February 13, 2009, based on the STEREO satellite observations andthe three-dimensional MHD numerical simulation. We know this CME with 340km/sfront velocity and 60°angular width from the STEREO-A-COR1 pictures. Viewing inSTEREO-B-EUVI 195 (A|°) running difference images, a bright toroidal wave front prop-agates from the active region to around, with dimmings area following the bright wavefront. The fitting velocity of EUV wave from the observation data is 247km/s. Thenumerical simulation shows that the (fast-mode) wave, with legible bright front anddimming structure, propagates in speed of 245km/s. The simulation results turn out tobe consistent with the satellite observations and confirm that EUV wave is a fast-modeMHD wave.

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