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Research on CNC Milling System

Author DingZuJun
Tutor NiJunFang
School Suzhou University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Virtual CNC Machining 3D Molding Milling simulation 3DS format OpenGL
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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CNC machine tools are widely used in manufacturing. In order to avoid NC equipments being damaged due to machining tool route errors, also improve NC machining efficiency, shorten production cycles, reduce development costs and the reject rate, the simulation of CNC processes is needed; CNC codes are checked on the computer in virtual cutting process. On the other hand, it can also greatly improve the effect of teaching and training of CNC machine tools.The key technology of CNC milling simulation in 3D is discussed in this paper. Virtual CNC milling system is developed on the platform of Windows2000/XP OS, VC++6.0 and OpenGL.This project is accomplished as follows:1.Three-dimensional(3D)model reconstruction on NC milling machine. 3DSMax modeling tools and modeling features of OpenGL is analyzed, because of 3DSMax modeling for simple and poor interaction after the establishment, and the features of OpenGL modeling complex and good interactive, combined with the real NC machine, which provided the program that achieves three-dimensional model reconstruction of a NC machine by using 3DSMax modeling tool combination with OpenGL.2.Reading 3DS files. Reading 3DS files is completed by using Visual C++6.0 and OpenGL programming, using 3DSMax modeling and OpenGL to realize models of NC milling machine based on 3DS file format. The experiments show that: using 3DSMax combination with OpenGL can establish complex models and achieve modeling interaction.3.Simulation of NC milling process. Concerning the characteristics of NC milling, the simulated removal process of material are introduced. A virtual module library is created by the use of OpenGL display list technology. The 3D scene of Virtual CNC milling system is built by virtual assembly technology using the virtual module library. Motion control model of virtual machine tool is built by numerical control interpolation technology and 3D simulation of milling is implemented by computer cartoon technology. The dynamic model of virtual workpiece is built by discrete method.4.NC milling animated output. It briefly introduced the basic knowledge of computer animation theory and realized the animated display and output of NC milling process based on principles of the OpenGL animation.The reaserch on 3D NC milling simulation is based on 3DSmax and OpenGL modeling, the result shows that the simulation system has good real-time and interactivity. It also can satisfy the requirement of NC programming verification.

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