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The Characteristics Research of a Bulk Ship Cabin Fire

Author WangLe
Tutor SuShiChuan
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Marine Engineering
Keywords bulk ship cabin fire large eddy simulation entrainment motion multi-layer structure
CLC U698.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Ship fire is a kind of fire. It is a common shipwreck with high risk. On the one hand, it is difficult for people on the ship to save themselves, and the manpower and equipments on board are limited. On the other hand, because of the complex internal structure of the cabin, hard-to-reach fire fighting equipment and little room for maneuvering, the fire rescue scope is badly affected and the rescue conditions are horrible. Bulk ship accounts for a large share of the manufacturing sector in China, so the research for cabin fire of bulk ship is extremely important and meaningful in helping people understand cabin fire better, especially in fire prevention and fire elimination.The model of bulk cabin is established based on the FDS platform, and used the method of large eddy simulation to the computer simulation for occurrence and development of cabin fire. It has given the following researches in cabin fire of bulk ship:(1)It has given the math model of cabin fire burning, explained the basic idea of large eddy simulation, and provided theoretical basis for cabin fire simulation research;(2)It has set up the physical model for cabin fire of bulk ship, analyzed the cause of the fire, set the fire point and the boundary condition of the cabin fire, and researched other aspects of parallel computing in the software;(3)Through the computer simulation of cabin fire, it has gotten the variation rule of the smoke movement and flame spread at different times and different heights, and the distribution of the cabin temperature, the soot and CO concentration, which directly reflects the occurrence and development process of cabin fire in bulk ship, and is relatively more intuitive and practical compared to traditional research;(4) It has put up simulation studies for the ceiling jet smoke and entrainment motion phenomena of cabin fire in bulk ship, and analyzed these phenomena’s effects to the smoke movement in the fire;(5) It has treated the multi-layer geometry structure ship cabin, no ventilation pipe geometry structure ship cabin and monolayer geometry structure ship cabin as the research objects, to analyze the characteristics of fire in multi-layer structure through the comparison research on the flow field, oxygen concentration, the flame propagation speed and net heat flux among the above three structures;This paper has done the research for cabin fire of bulk ship, which promotes new conception in this aspect. This research is supposed to provide reference to the tactics of fire prevention and elimination as well as people escapement for bulk ships and the similar type ships.

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