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The Breakthrough of the Economic Theory of Soviet Model by Deng Xiaoping

Author ZhangHui
Tutor JiangQuan
School Yanshan University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords the soviet model of economic Deng Xiaoping initial stage planned economy market economy
CLC F091.93
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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The soviet economy is the first type of socialist economic development mode in the human society. This model makes the soviet build the industrial powerhouse in the short-term, guarantee for victory in war against fascism and consolidate the socialist productive. But this model has the defects, like single forms, imbalance structural and excessive rights. At the time of new china was founded, because we lack of the experience of the economic aspects, we adopted the basic pattern and set up the command and planned economy that highly concentrated in the right. From 1970s to 1980s, as the epochal theme of war and revolution to peace and development, the model is becoming the main obstacle of Chinese economic and social development. This leaders’generation have breached rethinking the model, proposed the socialist market economy theory, the socialist reform and opening theory and socialism primary stage theory, and socialist nature theory. In practice created the socialist market economic structure, state-owned system that“with public ownership, various forms of ownership developing together”and to adhere to the subject of distribution of distribution system. Achieved a break to the soviet model in the theory and practice economy and enriched and developed the Marxism theory. In a sense, have not Deng Xiaoping’s breakthrough to the economic mode of the soviet economic model, it will not produce and develop Deng Xiaoping’s theory. The main content: The first chapter mainly introduces the soviet model of economic, introduces how did it come to be and it’s contents and it’s characteristic. The second chapter mainly introduces the soviet model of economic advantages and disadvantages. The third chapter is introduced the theory and policy that with Chinese characteristics and created by Deng Xiaoping. Chapter three basic introduce the achievements and theory that Deng Xiaoping’s breakthrough to the economic mode of the soviet economic model, then revealed the implication of Deng Xiaoping’s theory and the soviet economic mode. It helps us understand of Deng Xiaoping economic theory better, and better for our modernization drive.

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