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Application of AWG in Decoy Protection Equipment

Author ChengLiangPing
Tutor TangWanChun;SongLiBin
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords arbitrary waveform generator digital signal processing decoy PCI bus
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In the modern electronic warfare system, enemy reconnoiter electromagnetic characteristics of our electronic equipment using all kinds of electronic surveillance equipment, track the electromagnetic signal emitted by active electronic equipment using Anti-Radiation Missile (ARM) and destroy the attack. It poses the destructive threat to the active electronic equipment. Therefore, in order to complete campaign tasks, we must take the appropriate measure to combat Anti-Radiation Missile. Making use of the technology of decoy to deceive the impact location of Anti-Radiation Missile, which can not destroy our electronic equipment, can not even destroy the decoy. The intelligent decoy not only may transmit signal of the protection object, but also may produce similar electromagnetism signal of the protection object independently. It can deceive their surveillance equipment in the battlefield. Because the signal system of protected objects are many, the signal mode are various, and the traditional decoy protection device is only transmit electromagnetic signal of the protection object, the equipment is quite simple, the deceit pattern is unitrary, that is unable to satisfy complex electromagnetic environment in the modern electronic warfare.The arbitrary waveform generator designed in the paper is one of the core of decoy protection system, and its advantage is performace, stability, frequency accuracy, the device can be on-site programming, the signal waveform can be arbitrarily set according to software of user. If it used in the decoy protection system, we can maximize the protection the object of analog signals, improve signal of decoy and protective object similarity, meet the demand of signal type for decoy equipment.The paper describes the application of AWG in decoy protection equipment from hardware designing and software application development, including the outline of system functions of AWG, PCI bus, circuit principle, selection of chip, expansion card design, FPGA programming, driver design, a variety of signal generation system.

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