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Township government public service functions in the context of the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas

Author YangZhen
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Keywords Basic public services The equalization of services Township government Transformation of functions
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Year 2010
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Equalization of basic public services in the urban and rural areas is an important component of building the harmonious society and co-ordinate urban and rural development. It means the kind of public service, which considers the Government as the main part, allocate the resources of public services in urban and rural areas rationally, and provide to the urban and rural residents the public service adapted to their needs with different standards at different stages and almost equally provided, so that urban and rural residents are roughly the same in the aspects of the quantity, quality and accessibility of public services.Providing the public services for the public is the responsibility of the Government. And it demands that we have the ability to carry out this duty well. With the continuous development of economy and society, the improvement and enhancement of the ability for grassroots government’s public service is profound for better perform their duties for the promotion of local economic and social development. Township government as China’s grass-roots political organizations, and higher levels of government linked the party bridge and link between farmers in rural economic and social development play an extremely important role. Township government, as the grass-roots government to directly face the farmers, should have considered the establishment of rural public service system, providing high-quality public goods and public services in rural areas as priority, and thus to resolve the new situation, the functions of their own positioning. However, the township government, as the main part of supply about public services in rural areas, are faced with many contradictions and dilemmas in the reform and practice, which provides the masses rural public services. The advent of new rural construction has brought township government unprecedented opportunities and challenges. how to strengthen township government’s public service functions and greatly improve the service capacity of the township government, to provide farmers with efficient and qualified public services, to improve people’s daily life, maintain rural social stability, promote the new rural construction, and truly realize the urban and rural equalization of basic public services have a critical impact. This article attempts to analyze from the existing problems about township government functions, and talk about how to complete and promote urban and rural areas the process of equalization of basic public services by diverse the government functions.Full-text is divided into four chapters. The first chapter is about a number of theoretical issues about major public services, including the meaning and classification of public services, the definition and significance of the equalization.The second chapter deals with China’s status of equalization of public services. Including the efforts for China about what they have done in recent years in the public service, and shows us the unequal situation about urban and rural basic public service. The third chapter mainly analyzes the relationship between the equalization of public services and public service functions about township government, in which involved the role of the described functions of township governments’situation of basic public services to the urban and rural areas, the impact of equalization, and the challenges to equalization posed by the township government; The fourth chapter refers to the thought of the township government’s public service functions and the proposed changes in response Reflections. Which included how to improve the township government’s public service awareness, how to improve the township government’s public service capacity, as well as areas in which governments at all levels to increase the township government support, and the township government in the promotion of urban and rural areas in the equalization of basic public services, the following principles to be grasped and so on.

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