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The SrZnO_2 its doping new phosphor Synthesis and Luminescence Properties

Author ZhouChunLei
Tutor YuXiBin
School Shanghai Normal University
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords SrZnO2 phosphor materials citrate sol-gel method rare-earth Sm3+ Pr3+ photoluminescence properties
CLC O614.232
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this paper, from the preparation method to photoluminescence properties and luminescence mechanism, the research progress of pure and doped SrZnO2 phosphors were reviewed. Through optimizing preparation conditions, pure and doped SrZnO2 phosphors, were successfully synthesized by citrate-gel method, for the first time. This paper also investigated the structures, spectral characters, luminescence behaviors, particles size and morphology of pure and doped SrZnO2 phosphors by X-ray diffraction (XRD), FT infrared, Raman spectrum, thermo-gravimetric analysis (TG), ultraviolet and visible absorption spectrum, photoluminescence spectrum, and transmissions electron microscopy (TEM) respectively. The main conclusions are as follows:This as-prepared SrZnO2 phosphor with white body-color contains little impurities phase and the SrZnO2 phase is dominant. The SrZnO2 phosphor particles are club-shaped with length of 500 nm and breadth of 30 nm. SrZnO2 exhibits 545 nm green emission under the excitation of 380 nm. Luminescence properties of SrZnO2 can be greatly affected by preparation conditions. When the sintering temperature, the ratio of citric acid to metal ions and the pH value of precursor solution is 1000℃, 3 : 1 and 5, respectively, it owns maximum emission intensity of photoluminescence. SrZnO2 luminescent material is a promising green-emitting phosphor by long wavelength UV excitation because of its luminescence properties.The ultraviolet and visible absorption spectrum and photoluminescence spectrum prove that SrZnO2 is a kind of new semiconductor material. Its green emission originates from the Vo in the SrZnO2. The paper also studies the influence of Sr/Zn ratio on luminescence properties of SrZnO2. When the ratio of Sr/Zn is 0.8:1, it owns maximum emission intensity of photoluminescence. Compared to the peak of SrZnO2, when the SrO is excessive, the peak of sample is blue shifted, while the peak of sample is red shifted, when the ZnO is excessive.The photos of TEM show that the samples synthesized by citrate-gel method under different temperature have different shape. With the temperature increasing, the shapes became nano-cluster and changed to needled and stick, then returned to the nano-cluster.

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