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A Research of Food Safety Control Based on Supply Chain Quality Management

Author ZhangWeiYi
Tutor YuXiaoLin
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course Business management
Keywords food ehain HACCP food safety
CLC F203
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the rapid development of Chinese food industry, food safety incidents occur frequently, so the food safety has become a focus of attention. Chinese food safety regulatory system is not perfect, imperfect laws and regulations, lack of quality management experiences, etc. leading to confusion in the field of food safety. In order to comprehensively address food safety issues, we must use the scientific methods of quality management in all aspects of food safety and do the strict management.This article is from the perspective of the food supply chain, and HACCP theory to do the quality control research on agricultural production, product processing, product distribution to consumers throughout the food supply chain; and also using HACCP theory analysis to research the Wal-Mart-related cases, from the food supply chain, knowledge management, quality competition and the quality of nodes three aspects of cultural enterprises to increase the food supply chain management approach, and put forward the enterprise and the Government policy recommendations.This paper describes Chinese current food safety situation and gives a brief analysis of the reasons for food safety occurrence and food safety control measures proposed by this study. And then focus on how to use HACCP for the food supply chain food safety control. Subsequently, the article briefly lists the domestic and international HACCP food supply chain and theoretical research results. Through large amounts of data through the study, I found that the food supply chain for the segmentation, the use of multiple case studies, comparative analysis of the study is relatively small, so the innovation of this study is that the food supply chain is divided into two types, combined with more case studies and comparative analysis, to study how different types of food supply chain, effectively use of HACCP which address food security issues of our country has important practical value.Next part of this paper introduces some related theory bases. This paper is the research on the food safety control from the prospect of supply chain management, so it elaborates the management development process, completes quality management, PDCA circulation, supplies chain quality management concept, characters food safety etc. Identify causes of food safety issues at the same time, supply chain quality management from the perspective of using quality management methods to solve food safety issues; more case studies for the later laid a theoretical foundation.After the analysis of the theory, the paper began to analyze the factors that affect food safety. From the study we found that the factors affects food safety can be divided into microbial contamination, chemical contamination, physical contamination, five legal and regulatory system influencing factors, the hazards presented various factors, which link in the food supply chain and focusing on issues propose solutions, the final analysis HACCP theory and its application in the food supply chain.The fourth chapter is the core content of this article. It combines case studies and comparative analysis of research methods to do the two cases of Mengniu and Wal-Mart’s respectively Using HACCP theory of circulation, production processes, purchasing links and consumer’s management of four areas analyzed, and the problems and solutions to problems. Secondly, it analyzes the producers and the distributors at the core are two types of core similarities and differences between the food supply chain, according to two different focus, make the food supply chain for each type of effective management, will be based on the food supply chain knowledge management, quality competition and quality of the culture in which the use of three aspects, and proposed government regulation of businesses and restructuring of several suggestions.The innovation of this paper is broken down the food supply chain into the core of the food manufacturers and the distributors of the supply chain as the core of the two types of food supply chain, combined with more case studies and comparative analysis, through the HACCP food safety control methods, from agricultural production, product processing, product distribution and management of all aspects of consumer food safety control analysis carried out, ask questions and problem-solving measures. Meanwhile, the food supply chain will be based on knowledge management, quality competition and quality of cultural content into the food safety control.

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