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The Stability Analysis of Earth-Rock Dam with Fluid-Structure Interaction Effect

Author ZhuXiaoZuo
Tutor XuZhenKai
School Nanchang University
Course Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords earth-rock dam finite element strength reduction seepage stability fluid-structure interaction Mohr-Coulomb
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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AS a traditional dam type, earth-rock dam occupies a pivotal position in the water sector.In recent years,large-scale reinforcement work carried out,once again earth-rock dam become the focus,presented in the front of engineering staff and the majority of people. The main job of reinforce is anti-seepage,most of the earth-rock dam’s instability is caused by seepage,whereas most of the research is to separate the analysis of seepage and stress fields, without considering the mutual coupling between them,so the stability study of earth-rock dam,consider the role of fluid-solid coupling is necessary.In this paper,using Mohr-Coulomb and Drucker-Prager elastic-plastic models through finite element software to analysis an actual slope,compare the results to the traditional limit equilibrium method with Geo-Slope, prove the feasible of strength reduction to analysis the stability of dam,point out the Mohr-Coulomb constitutive model can simulate and analysis the soil well,combine the comparison of stability analysis methods in the second chapter,the final decision is use Mohr-Coulomb to analysis the stability of Qiyi dam in the condition of fluid-structure interaction,and analysis of different slope height and slope angle of the slope stability.Through nonlinear finite element software strength reduction,analysis the Qiyi reservoir’s slope stability in waterless conditions,reach the result of slope stability by cut-off wall of earth dam for reinforcement,and use different value of cohesion,friction angle and location of different cut-off wall,analysis these factors’ influence level to slope stability.Finally,in the condition of checking flood,design flood level and normal water level,use the steep of soils,consider the fluid-structure interaction effect on the seepage analysis, analysis the seepage,analysis the dam stability and stress-displace with the effect of seepage,compare the results without considering the fluid-structure interaction effect,which explain the influence of fluid-structure interaction.Through this research and analysis, a preliminary study of the main factors affecting the stability of embankment dams, through finite element analysisof slope stability, stress distribution within the dam, deformation distribution, distribution of plastic zone law to do a more accurate quantitative characterization to the stress distribution,deformation distributionand distribution of plastic zone, draw pproximate location of slip surface and stability factor,provide thedecision-making to the same type dam in rational design and slope prediction,and provide reference for the earth-rock dam design and construction of dam reinforcement. At the same time puts forward some suggestions on standard.

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