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A Study on the Application of Traditional Module Ideology in Landscape Form Design

Author GuoWeiQin
Tutor WangQiong
School Suzhou University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords Module Ideology Module System Landscape Form Form Constitution Design Method
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As the content of the design, form not only limits the function of landscape design, but also is the carrier of design values.Landscape form is the unity of the external shape and inner meaning. It is formed by interaction among various types of landscape elements through a certain combination layout. But no matter the traditional garden or modern landscape design, as the material medium of landscape aesthetic and function, the landscape form is always the subject and focus of design expression. Only the modern landscape emphasizes the visual aesthetic, while the traditional garden ,especially the oriental one, is dedicated to the emotional expression.However, China’s modern landscape presents both the visual and emotional aspects, as the combination of western modern landscape and Chinese traditional garden. There is no independent design theory in China’s modern landscape design. It founds on western modern design system,and takes the western modern constitution as the means of China’s landscape form constitution. But the Chinese failed to reach the same standard of form design with western modern landscape for kinds of reasons, lending to the lacking of innovation and autonomy, which contains China’s development of modern landscape design.The modular ideology is a different theory system for creation from the western modern design. It is a rational thinking summary of traditional Chinese creation activities, such as landscape, architecture, characters, ceramics and other fields in the past thousands of years.The traditional module ideology is an independent origin means of the Chinese art design. It is produced by traditional Chinese philosophy and culture. As an infinite organic whole, it is generated by the combination of standard component units (modules), with certain properties such as openness, efficiency and general applicability etc. Module ideology takes the perceptual image into the rational thinking system, through the extraction, deduction, combination of modules, to explore the constitution of modern landscape form.Finally ,the thesis elaborates the constitution of the traditional module system from its features, functions, building and other aspects,as well as the application in landscape design, especially the constitution of contemporary art form through the study of a resort hotel courtyard.It turns the constitution of the landscape form into the module system constitution with the landscape carrier, to provide a new path for the modern landscape form design.

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