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Stability Analysis and Application Technology of Soil Similar Slope

Author TangLiang
Tutor PanJian;HuWei
School South China University of Technology
Course Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords soil similar slope prestressed anchor cable frame stability risk analysis and assessment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Soil Similar Slope is widely distributed in China, and presently, the researches on its deformation mechanism and reinforcement technology are still at early stage. The nature and stability of Soil Similar Slope are analyzed, the adaptability plus with advantages of prestressed anchor cable frame and prestressed anchor cable frame combined with steel floral tube are discussed. The concepts concerning with risk analysis and assessment are introduced into slope engineering. The contents and conclusions of this paper can be listed as follows:The concept of Soil Similar Slope is perfected.The idea that Soil Similar Slope exsits not only in lava slopes but also in deposit slopes is advanced. Classification, failure modes, collapse mechanism and buckling causes of Soil Similar Slope are summarized. The stability characteristics of Soil Similar Slope are apparently different from that of pure soil slopes and rock slopes.Calculation method of the stablity of the Soil Similar Slope and its boundary conditions, ways to deal with landslide plane, constitutive model and selection of calculation parameters are studied. Catering to the character of the landslide deformation, numerical models combined with concrete project examples are established, this paper analyzes two landslide models with this numerical model. It is indicated that the stability of the Slope depresses greatly when the weak structural plane is taken into consideration. The landslide plane of the broken Slope differs tremendously from that of the Soil Slope. So with the effect of the weak structural plane, landslide almost happens on the weak structural plane.It proves to be that it is reasonable and scientific to take the effect of structural plane into account when calculating stability of Soil Similar Slope.Advantages and adaptability of prestressed anchor cable frame and prestressed anchor cable frame combined with steel floral tube are explored through two practical projects and their construction technology in governing slope stability is discussed in details. By comparing stability safety factor, horizontal displacement, maxsium shearing strain and stress distribution of slopes un-reiforced and reinforced, FEM analysis shows that prestressed anchor jacked frame and prestressed anchor cable frame combined with steel floral tube can treat Soil Similar Slope diseases and reinfore slope effectively. Courses and phases of risk analysis and assessment about slope are introduced. Factors affecting stability of slope are summarized by way of risk identification, establishing of Fault Tree Analysis. Vulnerability of risk elements and loss assessment of slope failure are studied as well, which provides another new idea for slope stability analysis. Risk analysis and assessment may overcome the defaults of safety factor method, taking randomicity and uncertainties into adequate consideration.Risk analysis and assessment in slope engineering is a comprehensive job, which needs coordination of different professions.

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