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Guizhou Province in southern stream sediment geochemistry and prospecting prediction

Author HuangBo
Tutor HanRunSheng;LiuXiuMing
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Water System Sediment Geochemistry Abnormality Possible Mineral Area Southern part of Guizhou Province
CLC P596
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The localized exploration has been made positive effect to the geochemistry abnormality in the specified regions and in search of possible mineral districts and prospective mineral resources, and it usually adopts geochemistry measurement of water system sediment (separated flow). This approach aims at studying elements distributive rules of water system sediment by conducting systematic measurement of component of sediments at the bottom of water system (including river, rivulet and wadi), so as to find out geochemistry abnormality of the sediments and draw out prospective mineral resources areas; the abnormality of water system sediment is to study rock and the mineral (or the mineral body) and protoplasm and sub-protoplasm manifested geochemistry abnormality after surface destroyed, therefore, the research and study on the geochemistry abnormality characteristics, combined with geological conditions, structures has provided possible mineral areas and draw out prospective mineral resources areas.This content, according to abnormal characteristic of southern part of Guizhou Province water system sediments, has made research on abnormal analysis and partially rectifications, and put forward Yangtze ground of connecting Qiannan sank ground and jiangnan ground, distributed with Pb and Zn and Sb and Hg chemical elements, and has become possible important mineral areas of southern part of Guihzou province.The article, refer to census data of water system sediment geochemistry of southern part of Guizhou Province from 1980-1985 ratio at 1:50,000, combined with geological condition of Qiannan sank ground and Jiangnan ground, adjusting abnormal limitation, relocated areas and abnormal geological, division into 3 types; thus 104 abnormalities:First, Scond and Third; totally 35 First abnormalities,46 Scond abnormalities,24 Third abnormalities. For the convenience of gathering comprehensive numerous abnormalities, collecting First and Scond as principle type resembled in geologic strata, structure condition, forming First and Scond 46 types of excrescent combinations as principle of comprehensive excrescent cluster, thus 9 excrescent clusters and 4 possible mineral areas, in which 2 with Pb、Zn、Sb、Hg chemical element and Sb、Hg chemical element for first class possible mineral area,2 with Pb、Zn、Sb、Hg chemical element and Sb、Hg chemical element for second class possible mineral area.

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