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The Confucianism factors in Korean modern

Author LiRuiRui
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School Yanbian University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Confucianism Modernization Korea
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Year 2006
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Confucianism’s thought is the important component of China’s ancient civilization, it is several thousand years of China crystallization in thoughts such as politics, ethics , morals , etc.. Confucianism rely on unique glamour their influence society of China, meanwhile, Confucianism in order to constant to travel to China peripheral country with extensive and profound thought their. Among them, the ones that kept Confucianism’ s tradition mostly were South Korea.Confucianism rose in China and was introduced to the country of Korea Peninsula around the Christian era. Fostered by every dynasty government, praised, inherit and develop. Confucianism developed into the thought known even to women and children on the peninsula finally. In the modern times, big powers’ favorable warship of hard ship has opened the gate of this eastern country which had defended the tradition of Confucianism tenaciously. From this time, a western beginners thought, the Mei ji Reformation idea of Japan began in a large number of supporters and practitioners on Korea Peninsula. However, Korean imperial court becomes the colony of Japan finally. In order to rule this country that had higher culture than its own .And Japanese colonists implemented the dogmatic policy of ruling first, then implemented cultural politics. Because Japan and Korea were influenced by Confucianism’ s thought deeply, one of it political tactics in Korea was to respect Korea Confucianism customs, attempted to achieve the goal of assimilating with the cultural control measure.After residents of Korea Peninsula suffering from Japan 36 -year long ravage, South Korea established Li Chengwan regime under the foster of U. S. A. and adopted the American democratic system totally. In Li Chengwan ruled period, the South Korean society is still two typical type structures: it is the strong centralization above, the bottom is the people of a mess. The market economy was formal and the traditional bureaucrat’ s mechanism had not changed in fact. Li Chengwan regime organization traditional bureaucrat’s culture still occupies an leading position. Li Chengwan regime didn’ t bring the people what he had promised. So the society had been in turmoil all the time , the people’ s livelihood had been depressed.When the modernization of South Korea opened, in the point of culture, Confucianism had been planted in people’ s ideology deeply , had already become South Korean people’s daily life, had been studied the thing sanctified by usage

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