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Study on Technology System of N Nutrition Diagnosis of Chinese Cabbage

Author ZhuLiLi
Tutor SongShuYao
School Jilin Agricultural University
Course Olericulture
Keywords Chinese cabbage N status diagnosis Digital image technology Chlorophyll Meter Soil and plant quick test
CLC S634.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this study, nitrogen physiological characteristics of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. pekinensis (Lour) Olsson) were studied in field experiment; Optimum value and critical value of Nmin、 petiole nitrate concentration and SPAD value to diagnosis nitrate nutrition were given. Digital image analysis method, which combined with soil and plant N rapid test, was studied for N status diagnosis and nitrogen fertilizer recommendation. The possibility of using digital image analysis method for cabbage N status diagnosis was studied, and the digital indexes that can represent the N supplying level of vegetable were established. In addition, the standard method of digital image acquisition and saving was established. What digital image analysis method was applying for vegetable N diagnosis has become a new kind of method for Chinese cabbage nitrogen fertilizer recommendation. Digital image analysis method that combined with soil and plant N rapid test was studied for N recommendation in a large scale. The main results were as follows:The result showed that nitrogenous fertilizer increased dry matter, nitrogen accumulation amount, the photosynthesis and yield obviously, and the yield stop increasing until the fertilizer application amount achieve a certain numerical value; Value cost rate (VCR) of different treatments were all bigger than 2, for yield and VCR, which the N applying rate was 247.5kg/hm~2and 330kg/hm~2 were better than other. It chose linearity and platform model for nitrogen fertilizer recommendation of Chinese cabbage, because the fertilizer application amount was little.Nmin reflected the ability of soil N applying; petiole nitrate concentration of Chinese cabbage descended through the period of duration, it was significant positive correlation relationships between petiole nitrate concentration and total N in plant, so petiole nitrate concentration can be an indicator to diagnosis N status of plants; This experiment fitted Nmin, petiole nitrate concentration and yield, and the suitable and critical value of Nmin and petiole nitrate concentration were educed based on the manure model.This study showed significant exponential relationships between SPAD readings and chlorophyll content; SPAD readings increased with the N applying rate, and there were significant linear positive relationships between SPAD readings and petiole nitrate concentration, total N content in leaf and total N in plant. These showed that SPAD readings could be used to diagnosis N status of plants; the suitable

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