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Research on Symptom-complex Amoxcillin Feature in Peri-menopausal Period Femme

Author YangLiRong
Tutor FuXiaoQing
School Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine
Keywords perimenopause climacteric syndrome/diag liver kidney yin insufficiency/diag liver-qi depression/diag triglycerides/blood lipoproteins, HDL/blood inosine/blood blood uria nitrogen
CLC R271.116
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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In this paper the feature of symptom-complex Amoxcillin and their existing patho-fundament in perimenopausal period were studied through theoretical and clinical researches, which were helpful to perfect the TCM theory of reproductive physiology and pathology, to make up insufficiency in peri-menopausal period pro-symptom-complex differentiation of symptoms and signs diagnosis and reatment which be short of objective and normalization, and also provided a basic research and a new idea for the prevention , health protection and treatment of perimenopausal period.In the theory research section ,the TCM theory of reproductive physiology was cleared up and that of etiological factor and mechanism of perimenopausal period was studied.Liver was innateness for female. Liver was center of QI-blood adjustment.it is conducted mostly by liver and intimate with kidney for female physiology. There were renal yin and renal yang in kidney which adjust yin-yang of all over the body.on pathology, liver and renal deficiency was basic reason, stagnation of liver-QI was basic component element and one of patho-base.In the clinical research section, 300 unapparent-illness medical examination female cases were observed , through epidemiological clinical research and every item index observation, the result showed that:(1) The peri-menopausal period female have different degree pathological change , Liver and kidney were significant disease position in peri-menopausal period femme, yin asthenia was main disease character for peri-menopausal period female .(2) Symptom-complex Amoxcillin integral calculus may provide foundation for latent symptom-complex diagnosis.(3) There were dependability between TCM syndrome Amoxcillin and objective index in in perimenopausal period, for instance, between TG and phlegmatic hygrosis and Qi

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