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Soil Erosion Information System of Da Weishan National Forest Park Based on GIS

Author YuDingChun
Tutor WenDongXin
School Central South University of Forestry Science and Technology
Course Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords Soil and water conservation Geographic Information System Google Earth Access Database The Da Weishan National Forest Park
CLC S714.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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In recent years, forest park, more and more people concerned about tourism, and the functions of improving the environment to better serve the public are gradually being strengthened. Frequent park tourism, construction of infrastructural facilities accelerated, this will aggravate inevitable erosion in the park, so we must attach great attention to forest park soil and water conservation, and carry out management and monitoring the dynamics of soil erosion. With the development of computer network technology and spatial information technology, make steady in soil and water conservation information, by researching the law of forest park erosion, the advanced software technologies can be applied to the soil and water conservation industry, so it is very urgent to manage the forest park and the corresponding erosion and propose corresponding of treatment measures by establish applicability of soil erosion information systems.This research connection with water and soil conservation work of the Da Weishan national forest park in view of Liuyang city’s the physical demand, simultaneously also to strengthen the forest park scenic site the propaganda and the promotion, collected has Da Weishan conservation of water and soil graphic documents and so on data information many years accumulated which and each kind of topographic diagram, stock map, administrative map, land utilization present situation chart, as well as on the spot investigation data took the information source, carried on informationization processing and the standard according to the standard to the data, the union the Da Weishan the scenery soil conservation work experience, using Google Earth, GIS soft wares and the Access database achievement developed the platform, the preliminary establishment Da Weishan soil erosion information system.Full text through the Da Weishan national forest park soil erosion information system theoretical explanation and application analysis:First of all, digit platform has made the quite detailed introduction and the analysis to the Access software as well as Google the Earth, and then the establishment Da Weishan forest park conservation of water and soil database. Under the Access database platform’s support, carries on the reorganization, the standard and the warehousing to the foundation attribute data, establishes the attribute database; Using Google Earth, ArcGIS, MapInfo soft wares and so on and format conversion tools as well as FME and so on, to the graphic document which collects carry on arrow quantification, data format processing and so on exchange, has established the spatial databases. Secondly introduces the functions of the system and the system to achieve an overall evaluation, analysis of the system with other commonly used geographic information system software advantages and disadvantages, point out the system is low cost, high performance, full-featured, easy manipulation, publishing and so on, Soil and water conservation to meet the needs of forest park. With Google Earth’s continuous improvement and application unit further development and utilization, in Soil and Water Conservation Information System will have more and more important application value. Finally proposed the soil erosion district’s concept, the principle, the basis as well as the regionalization method, by Da Weishan national forest park environment and the soil erosion condition analysis, in the tradition soil erosion district foundation, the exploration applies Google Earth technologies and so on, choice hydrology, vegetation, soil, landform, path and so on crucial the targets, establishes the spatial topic chart level, to the chart level and the satellite phantom’s analysis, divides into the forest park the mountain valley lake strong corrosion area, the infrastructural facilities moderate corrosion area, the forest traveling slight corrosion area and other not corrosion area, four soil erosion area, and aimed at various districts the characteristic to propose the prevention Measure and evaluation conducted on the district.This system has the geography data and the terrestrial reference connection, attempts the level superimposition, the database connection, the software integration, functions and so on network issue. This system administration contact surface is friendly, the function is perfect, to promotes the resource sharing and the use as well as the conservation of water and soil macroscopic decision-making and so on has the vital significance. Applies this system to the Da Weishan national forest park conservation of water and soil work, to prevent and control the soil erosion, provides the basis reasonably using the water and soil resources, strengthened the forest park management, improved the ecological environment, promotes the campus sustainable development finally.

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