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Studies on Iohexol Specified Lomustine Thermo-Sensitive Liposomes

Author ZhuXiaLi
Tutor HuangGuiHua;ZhangNa
School Shandong University
Course Pharmacy
Keywords Iohexol Lomustine(CCNU) liposomes thermo-sensitive liposomes uniform design reverse-phase evaporation technique film dispersion method HPLC CT pharmacokinetics tissue distribution
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Objective: To develop a new idea, new method and new technique for the purpose of temperature control by corporating thermotherapy, chemotherapy of cancer and the CT contrast agent together. The malignant tumor is one of the three kinds of diseases which do harm to human’s health, and is characterized by out-of-control growth of abnormal cells, which scatter from primary position to other positions, infiltrate critical organs, and at last cause the exhaustion ofnormal function and death.The main therapeutics of malignant tumor at present are operation, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, thermotherapy et al. Chemotherapy is still the most important therapy method of the malignant tumor, though chemotherapy drugs used to have many side effects and the therapeutic index is very low. Targeting chemotherapy is the development direction. Thermotherapy is called "green therapy" in the international medical field. But the displaying and measuring of the temperature in the thermotherapy are important and difficulty. Almost all the traditional methods of temperature measuring are harm to patients and can only measure dot temperature, it is difficult to display all temperature distribution and cause many complications. To corporate thermotherapy with chemotherapy can raise the curative effect, introduce a non-harmful and accurate temperature measuring method and drop the dosage of the chemotherapy drug as low as possible, therefore to improve the patient compliance and the safety of the long-term treatment.Drug delivery systems can in principle provide enhanced efficacy and/or reduced toxicity for anticancer agents. Liposomes can exploit the enhanced permeability and retention effect for preferential extravasation from tumor vessels. Thermo-sensitive liposomes(TSL) is one of the promising branches of liposomes for cancer treatment. The anti-tumor drugs enveloped into TSL would release at the heated tumor tissues and achieve targeting chemotherapy, at the same time, the liposomaylation contrast agent

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