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The Study about Ma Wensheng

Author WangWei
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Keywords Ma Wensheng Ming Dynasty The Political Situation Military Affairs Political Affairs
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Year 2006
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In the middle of Ming Dynasty, the social political situation was in turmoil. Class contradictions, the internal contradictions of the ruling class and the national conflict became acute. Between Chenghua and Hongzhi dynasty, Ma Wensheng considered the state affairs as his personal responsibility .He resorted to his military skills and political ability, and devoted himself into the torrent of social changes. During the year of Chenghua dynasty, Ma Wensheng helped XiangZhong to deal with the insurrection of ManSi .It not only eliminated the latent border land crisis in the northwest at that time but also made Guyuan, the town of military importance that was built to resist the intrusion from northern Mongolia, became more important. Meanwhile, Ma Wensheng, as the minister of border defense, started to strut his stuff in the northwest. During the seven years as Constable of Shanxi, Ma Wensheng gained great achievement in a series of actions, for example: built frusta in fortification, annihilated cracksman, built the policy of horse, appeased the flow people and oppugned the intrusion of Mongolia actively. To a certain extent, these actions changed the slack defense of the frontier, relaxed class contradictions in the northwest, enormously strengthened its recovery capability, and repressed the attacks from the minorities effectively. Ma Wensheng went down to the east of Liao for three times. He completed the frontier defense from The Thistle Door to the east of the Liao, pacificated the Sachiha insurrection in Haixi, appeased the insurgence of the Nuchen, alleviated the military intimidation of the northern border defense caused by the east movement of Mongolia force, maintained the balance of power among Ming Dynasty, Mongolia and Nuchen successfully in a certain period, which made northern frontier keep a long period of stability. When Hongzhi emperor hold a post, Ma Wensheng was in his crest period to be an official and the middle of Ming Dynasty was just in development. Getting the trust of Xiaozong, the emperor, Ma Wensheng was appointed to get important task in Hongzhi reign: as the minister of war, he further perfected the strategic policy that considered defending as a long plan.

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