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Researches for DNA Electrochemical Biosensors of Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia DNA

Author WuPing
Tutor LinXinHua
School Fujian Medical
Course Pharmacology
Keywords CML DNA electrochemical biosensor MWCNTs calf thymus DNA
CLC R733.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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DNA electrochemical sensor is noted widely in recent years for rapid development,which is one of the important detective and analytic means of nucleic acid with advantedge of rapid,simple,sensitive and low cost.The DNA electrochemical sensor was prepared by covaltently binding the designed CML DNA specific probe on the surface of GCE electrode together with MB as electro-active indicator for the first time.The condition for covaltenly-binding single-molecular film was chosen during experiments as the followings:First activating GCE in phosphate buffer solution with voltage, then choose 100μg/mL as the probe binding concentration .The above prepared DNA sensor was then used to determine the nature and quality of complementary DNA of standard concentration.While the detecting process,selection of indicator,the effect of intercalation time,intercalation concentration,hybridization solution to the detection result was discussed.The result shows that MB is a kind of indicator with high specificity.The optimized response of indicator can be got while probe DNA concentration is 100μg/mL ,hybridization solution is pH7.0 Tris-HCl,MB concentration is 20μM, and hybridization condition is 30 minutes when 45℃. While detecting the complementary DNA standard concentration, the lowest limitation is 5.9×10-8mol/L.In the range of 1.25×10-7~6.75×10-7mol/L,there was a simple equation between the respond signal of indicator and the concentration of complementary DNA.The fundamental characteristic such as stability,specificity was good.To enhance the detection sensitivity,our experiment try to apply nanoparticles to DNA biosensor researches.Carbon nanotubes can catalyze some biomolecular electrochemical action and promote response signal greatly according to its special structure.Our experiments have researched the purification and characteristic of

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