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The Research of the Separator Used in the Polymer Li-Ion Bettery

Author CuiWenYu
Tutor YangZheLong
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Applied Chemistry
Keywords Polymer separator intensified seprater conductance electrochemical stability window
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Li-ion battery has many merit,so it become the hot piont among the secondary bettery in the modern world.The polymer separator play an important role,the performance of PVDF is one of the most important factors that determine the performance of battery.This article is about the polymer separator full of holes,we research the performance of the separator,including making two kinds separters that produce wth complete different methods:spreading the separator,PVDF as the basic material,DBP as the plasticizing agent,nm SiO2 as the inorganic addition and acetone as the solvent,and make separator on the special machine;dipping in the separator so that intensify the seprater,its dip liquor is as the liqure as the spreading separator,and dip the base material PP/PE/PP into the liquor for more than 2 hours. Making spreading separator,and research the influence of DBP’s percentum and the dry tempareture.In order to find the influence of the succedent disposal,I have reseached the water disposal,the ultraviolet radiation disposal and the water disposal with the ultraviolet radiation disposal.Making separator by dipping method,and research the influence of DBP’s and inorganic additive nm SiO2’s percentum mainly.In the mean time,I test the separator’s performance,including the rate of hole、the performance of absorbing electrolyte and the conductance eletrochemical steady range、machine intensity test,and then make bettery to test its cycle performance.The test result show that,the spreading separator get better performance,when DBP’s percentum reach 50%,and dry temperature reach 90℃,after ultraviolet radiation disposal.The test show that,the separator has high conductance reach 6.1×10-3s/cm(25℃),and the machine intensity can reach 3.92 MPa,this separator can meet the need of making bettery,the bettery capability will go down after 30 cycle.And the bettery show worse performance under high temperature,under 70℃,the bettery will get fire. Making the intensified seprator, I find that when DBP%:PVDF%=40%:60%,DBP%+PVDF%: SiO2%=70%:30%,The separator get

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