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Extraction of Seismo-Magnetic Anomalies Suspected and Analysis of the Relationship with the Earthquake

Author ZhangZuoPeng
Tutor QiaoXiaoLin
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords seismo-magnetic anomalies suspected DEMETER satellite singular value decomposition Related statistics
CLC O441.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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It has been proved by a lot of seismic cases that the seismo-electromagnetic abnormal phenomena occur before the strong earthquakes. The seismo-electromagnetic precursors have been considered as an effective means of the short-term and imminent earthquake prediction. At the same time, accompanying with the swift development of the internationalseimo-electromagnetic satellites, it is important for imminent earthquake prediction and our own seimo-electromagnetic satellites to carry out research on processing method for seimo-electromagnetic data on the DEMETER spacecraft.By using the data and documents of the satellite DEMETER, take the methods of analysis of electromagnetic wave propagation and polarization, we extract seismo-electromagnetic abnormal phenomena, which is similar to the plane-wave radiation, under the cut-off frequency, the following specific research:Firstly, the concept of Electromagnetic wave polarization was introduced, include the concept and the analysis methods of completely polarized wave and non-fully polarized wave, and the polarization features as well as the propagation features of electromagnetic radiation under the cut-off frequency in ionosphere use the SVD(Singular value decomposition) technology. The segmentation threshold of electromagnetic spectrum as well as the polarization were determined by the feature analysis, for reduce the amount of data.Secondly, the C-mean algorithm„ÄĀISODATA(Iterative Selforganizing Data Analysis Techniques Algorithm) algorithm and the region growing on Morphological were introduced, we finally take region growing on Morphological because for its speed. Experimental results show that this method can effectively extract abnormal seismic electromagnetic signals and implementation of high efficiency.Finally, we use this algorithm detected 8700 data files collected in 2006, then Statistical Analysis the relationship between the seismo-electromagnetic abnormal phenomena and seismic events,. We also statistical analysis the relationship between Latitude and longitude, time, polarization, propagation direction of characteristic parameters of abnormal phenomena and seismic events, for the reason science.The result of article provide a detect method of seismo-electromagnetic abnormal phenomena, and it is also a good model how to extract a little information from mass data files.

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