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The Images of China in the Literature of Hill.justin and Qiu Xiaolong

Author LiuJia
Tutor LiuDongLin
School Northeast Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Images of China Culture Misreading
CLC I106.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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It has been noticed that China image is a combination of the positives and negatives in British and American literature published over the past decades. No matter positive or negative, the two kinds haven’t showed the actual social situation of the time they had described. According to the writer’s collected materials: two writers’works among the recent published British and American literature especially describe the reform and opening up China image. It can be called keeping pace with times. It is more important that under their pens, the image of China is not single positive or negative, but only a global village like any other country in the world. The two writers are Justin Hill and Qiu Xiaolong. Under their pens, China like any other country in the world has its merits, also some yet to be perfected. Living in this Divine land of China, the Chinese people like the other nations of world, have their emotions, love and hatred. Therefore, in this sense, the image of China described by the two writers has a special significance.British contemporary writer Justin Hill’s Small Town on the Yellow River records his experience in China. According to author’s description, China is inconceivable; and Chinese people, are impenetrable. It has expressed the process of writer never understand China to gradually understand, then could slowly accept, reflecting the different cultures mutually are exclusive, then interacting with each other. And his The Drink and Dream Tea House , the novel not only describe people’s reflect on the time changes during the reform and opening up, also detailed represent a variety of contradictions during the modernization process of Chinese society.Chinese-American writer Qiu Xiaolong makes detective fictions as the carrier, in his.works:Death of A Red Heroine,A loyal Character Dance,When Red is Black ,outlining the pictures of all aspects of Chinese society changes after reform and opening up, nearly faithfully reflect all aspects of Chinese society today. No matter for European and American readers, or for Chinese readers, Qiu Xiao long’s creations are conducive to promote mutual understanding and exchanges between the two countries.Although Justin Hill and Qiu Xiaolong’s‘new’image of China has a unique significance, this‘new’is relative to the previous images of foreign writers, so the "new" image they showed of China also has a misunderstanding to a large extent. The reasons for China’s image misunderstood are multi-complicated. For the two writers, I believe that the main reason for causing this misunderstanding is that the perspective of writers and heterogeneous cultural barriers.By analyzing the two writers of the "new" image of China, the author finds in the context of globalization, through the eyes of others, we can better look at ourselves, identify problems, and constantly improve ourselves. Only Chinese and Western cultures seek common ground, to pursue, harmonious yet different, to live in harmony in the world today, so as to create guarantees of peace and stability in development thinking and culture for humanbeings.

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