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Author ZhangGuangHua
Tutor FengLi;GuoShiRong
School Inner Mongolia Normal
Course History of Science and Technology
Keywords TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI Wasan Chinese mathematics traditional mathematics equation
CLC O112
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This dissertation mainly focuses on studying and analyzing the content of the book "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI", meanwhile make some consequence explanations by Chinese mathematicians Dixiang Zhang on the background of the end of Qing Dynasty when China had tried to import the Western Mathematics from Japan.The original version of "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI" is composed by Japanese mathematicians in 1810, until 1898 which had been introduced into China and chosen into "GU JIN SUAN XUE CONG SHU" composed by Duo Liu in Qing Dynasty. After that, Chinese mathematicians paid much attention to the book. A mathematician then, Dixiang Zhang gave understanding and explanation of the book by using modern mathematical symbols and changed its name into "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI" at the same time. The book was the first professional Japanese mathematics book which had been decoded by modern Chinese mathematicians successfully. This book has played an important role in terms of mathematics academic communication between China and Japan. The book was employed in the modern algebra mark method to explain Wasan, which is realized as a classic case of virtuous interactive for Eastern and Western mathematics culture. The dissertation refers the book as a case and tries to prove that some outstanding traditional mathematics method could improve modern mathematics; meanwhile, modern mathematics will make people understand traditional mathematics deeper and clearer.The dissertation includes three chapters:the first Chapter analyzed the initial compilation background of the book including the original book, the translated version, the background of translating the book and an overview of "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI"in both Japanese version and Chinese version.The second chapter did a detailed analysis and comparison to the Chinese translated version and Japanese original version in terms of the homology between Wasan and Chinese traditional mathematics. At the same time, figure out some mathematics achievement of Wasan is more supreme than Chinese traditional mathematics.The third chapter discussed the improvements and drawbacks of the Chinese mathematician Dixiang Zhang’s Version concerning the methodology of "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI" by employing the renewal made by modern Japanese mathematician. Therefore, the Chinese mathematicians find an equilibrium point between European logical and the tractability of Chinese traditional emphasis on algorithm. Actually, when the traditional mathematics faces big challenge, to keep the essence of traditional mathematics is important; however, the process of adding advanced western mathematics into the system of Chinese mathematics will need to be continued.The conclusion gives a summary for the communication of Chinese and Japanese mathematics and explains how the mathematics tech of Japan played an important role for establishing and developing the modern education system in China. Furthermore, the transmission and absorbing of mathematics knowledge among people is an important aspect for mathematics education to be modernized.In Qing Dynasty, as the surge increase of different kinds and class of schools, translating and editing a textbook has been an emergent demand. Obviously, the official textbooks are far short for supply, thus more excellent folk textbooks has been absorbed officially and has become official textbooks. As a folk translating textbook, "TIANSHENGSHU YAN DAI" has been granted as a temporary middle school textbook by the educational department of Chinese government. From this case, the dissertation tried to reveal that the importance of this sort of folk book to mathematics education of developing China and then improve how deep the Japanese mathematics influence the modern mathematics of China again.

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