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The Art Image Comparison of Women with Tang Lady Picture and Rococo Painting

Author ChenXiaoJi
Tutor LiXinSheng
School Henan Normal
Course Fine Arts
Keywords Tang lady painting Rococo painting comparison of women images solemn and elegant charming
CLC J20-03
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Female images is art universal in the field of constant theme, whether China and western women painting subjects had art theory, an important part of research field, but the differences between Chinese and western different worldviews values and different aesthetic pursuit, making Chinese and western women filled the respective painting the unique artistic charm.As is known to all, China history in economy, culture of tang dynasty in ideological emancipation, rivers, in our history, as the most magnificent chapter rococo period, the west is also a personality, the pursuit of individual freedom’s colorful period; The image of women in tang dynasty for traditional Chinese painting even picture of lady paradigm but rococo period of the female image painting achievement is also in world history rococo art an indelible mark; Female image both in pursuit of form and color depiction of the perfect and unified, make this a period of female beauty reveal strong times breath. This paper from the different Angle of the two periods of Chinese and western painting image, women experience the similarities and differences between women painting image.First, different cultures achievement different arts, due to the difference between Chinese and western cultural connotations, and in tang dynasty had and rococo art paintings will show different time beauty: tang lady by traditional painting, both therapy-remainig thought influence and make public, and collect full secular appeal, and rococo female image of the painting is filled with culture characteristics do not break again hedonism secularization; Secondly, the women under different aesthetic orientation image is also different, painting paper through this comparative study of the two periods in case, the beauty of female charm with the beauty of Yong tiredly analysis, as with the guidance of the similarities and differences between dialysis aesthetic orientation, this also is this paper research priorities; Third, the Chinese and western women turn the image for the beholder must have different visual effect from painting language of similarities and differences, whether line or color, tang lady are drawn at the peak of the traditional Chinese painting, the scatterplot perspective of continuous trim lines tight, colour dignified but not inflexible, filled with palace type aristocratic breath, let a person, but the same hangchow is luxuriant colour, focus the rococo painting fluoroscopy showed is light and color intertexture, soft and euphemistic, make the viewer with reality and dream forget; Finally, the intent of Chinese painting art with western painting art performance typical of these two period again now has the obvious reflected, has high aesthetic meaning, this also is the difficulty of this study, this paper will put women artistic image into the historical and cultural background, from both the origin, painting style, intentionality concrete analysis, eventually got the picture and rococo tang of seeing women turn the image of the aesthetic value.

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