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Ziyin Rougan law theory and clinical studies of the treatment of chronic cholecystitis, liver and lack of permit

Author ShiZuo
Tutor WangXingHua
School Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course Clinical basis for TCM
Keywords Replenishing liver-YIN and gentling liver-YANG The type of deficiency of liver-YIN of chronic cholecystitis /TCM therapy Anethol trithione pill
CLC R259
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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Chronic Cholecystitis is a commonly and frequently encountered disease in clinic. TCM and western medicine have accumulated redundant treating experiences to the disease, but sometimes they are not effective. The article tried to probe into the rational foundation and the main points of the application of replenishing liver-YIN and gentling liver-YANG in treating the disease, hoping to bring a new way to prevent and cure the disease.Theoretical research: The article, on the base of the theory of the traditional Chinese medicine, integrating the study of modern medicine and our tutor’s clinical experience treatment for the Chronic Cholecystitis, systematically and thoroughly discusses the cause, the mechanism and the treatment of the disease. During the course of disease, the recurrent attacks or mistreatments may result in two consequences: one is the lingering evil factor, the other is the injury of healthy energy and dissipation of body fluid which may induce the deficiency of Qi or blood, YIN or Yang, or the functional disorder of entrails such as liver, spleen, kidney, gallbladder and stomach, etc; and create many patho-factors such as phlegmatic hygrosis, stagnant blood, calculus, etc; then form the simultaneous presentation of sthenia and asthenias, deficient vital QI and lingering of pathogen. Deficiency of liver-YIN is a significant aspect of Chronic Cholecystitis among these complicated pathogenesises. Thus replenishing liver-YIN and gentling liver-YANG is the main therapeutic method. We also emphasize the application with other therapeutic method to eliminating pathogen according to syndrome differentiation to defend the healthy energy.Clinical research: To observe the clinical effects of replenishing liver-YIN and gentling liver-YANG in the treatment of Chronic Cholecystitis, 37 patients were randomly allocated to control group (18 cases treated by Anethol trithione pill for 4 weeks) and therapy group (19 cases treated by the therapeutic method of replenishing liver-YIN and gentling liver-YANG for 4weeks). The clinical manifestations, routine examination of blood, urine and sed, ECG, liver function, renal function and

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