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Modern Media and New Forms of Aesthetic Culture Festival

Author FanXiuZhi
Tutor HouWenYi
School Shanxi University
Course Literature and Art
Keywords SMS New rituals Festival Aesthetic
CLC K892.26
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology, SMS in function continuously improve and mature, and gradually become a new way of interpersonal communication and an important vector-borne phenomenon. SMS as compared with the conventional media, with text communication, privacy, and go to the site and other new characteristics of interpersonal communication. During the festival, more and more people choose to use SMS as a way to convey blessings media. After several years of development, cell phone text messages sent during the festival blessing behavioral patterns gradually have the characteristics of rituals, SMS entered the field of folklore from the media field, a new festival cultural phenomenon. In this paper, this new cultural phenomenon occurs because, modern media and festivals generated after the collision new forms of aesthetic culture, as well as new forms of this cultural significance and produce positive after three negative sense, is divided into three parts for research and elaboration. By the first part of SMS during the festival presents three characteristics - collective and social, heritage and variability, the type and mode of analysis that these characteristics make this festival SMS manner consistent with the behavior Etiquette definition. It can be said, the messages sent during the festival has become a culture of the new media age festival form, that the new rites. Furthermore, from both external and internal aspects of this new festival culture phenomenon causes were discussed, external causes such as social environment, economic factors and technological development is the rise of new rituals to the soil, and cultural psychology, the integration of Chinese and Western cultures as well as the modern transformation of traditional rituals such as internal reasons is to promote the ultimate cause of occurrence of new rituals. The second part focuses on this new festival culture material carriers - SMS text aesthetic studies from Festival SMS intrinsic cultural beauty, to be free of the stylistic characteristics of the United States and have an emotional language of the United States to face three new rituals were figurative and subtle aesthetic analysis. The first is an instant SMS communications equipment, people use it in their daily lives to transmit information for interpersonal communication. But SMS after entering the field of folklore, festivals message inherent in the culture and daily text messages to make it separate. From a cultural perspective, the classical culture, postmodern culture and folk culture are all new messages Etiquette aesthetic elements of culture, diverse cultural mix of the traditional festival culture emerged aesthetic evolution; from a stylistic point of view, SMS texts on a variety of stylistic freedom to use for the manufacture of a festive atmosphere adds a different kind of scenery, but also the use of various stylistic range expanded to the extreme, to form a unique genre Festival SMS beauty; from the language we can feel SMS language to the festival there is a clear directional, it features daily text messages completely different language, Festival SMS text language is a cultural festival hosted by the spread, it became emotional exchanges during the festival, human exchanges carrier. Festival SMS from the language used on the innovation - a mix of various languages, so that numeric characters, English letters, Chinese, Chinese character, such as different forms of language in the text function further. In the Festival SMS text, there is a special kind of language, ie with a festive symbolic use of words, which constitutes part of the culture festival SMS Etiquette. The third part analyzes the new rites SMS as a new cultural phenomenon brought about by the positive and negative effects, and made some recommendations. As a new cultural phenomenon, SMS new rituals shows beyond the traditional culture in shaping and influence, it enhances the festive period interpersonal, greatly enriched interpersonal means; break during the holiday season interpersonal space distance and psychological limits, enriching interpersonal content; further deepen the emotional interpersonal level, and to obtain from both sides equal status. But its negative effects can not be ignored, used text messaging to bring emotional crisis, uncivilized SMS brings moral crisis, and \and norms, the establishment and improvement of a new etiquette and ethics, and promote the healthy development of new rituals.

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